You know you work in Gurgaon when..

You are probably sitting right now in your DLF Gurgaon office with a cup of cappuccino in one hand and the other hand placed on your forehead. Maybe you too are wondering like me about the eye-opening lessons which your 2 hours travel journey from your home to Gurgaon has taught you. Here are some situations which you should definitely relate to if you work in Gurgaon:

1)    When music is a complementary service with auto

-         After taking auto from metro station to office and vice-versa for a continuous week, it dawns on you as to how almost every auto driver plays scornful songs like “Fevicol” and “ Ankhiya tohar sharabi” at a deafening volume. Even after telling thrice to lower the volume, the lowest the volume gets on a scale of 1 to 10 is 9.85.  (Once an auto driver said to me, “Auto main baith-te hi kyu hu jab gaane ni sun sakte?” I was speechless!)

1-hera pheri akshay kumar

2)    You get pity looks

-         When someone asks about your work location and when you tell where, the look on their face is same as the one they wear while attending a funeral. People go on and on telling you that you have no life. Wow! Thanks!

2- agnes sad face

3)    You are on an adventure every day

-          You know how there are roads that are uneven at some places and some that have quite a zigzag pattern. And then there are Gurgaon roads which are blessed with the power of making people die in an instant if their car or they themselves fall in the super hollow holes! You know this and it’s why you always tell your family “I love you” every morning/evening before you leave because it may just be the last time :)

3- kareena cry

4)    You experience weather heartbreak

-         It’s Monday morning and the only thing which has cheered you up is the lovely weather in your city, Delhi. You decide to keep a muffler along with you in case you feel cold upon reaching office. But the moment you enter in Gurgaon, you are standing under blistering heat. Even the ACs feel ineffective upon entering in Gurgaon if your travel by car.

4- summer winter changeskl

5)    You experience food heartbreak

-         So you want to eat something really yummy today or maybe you just want chocolate because.. actually no one needs a reason to eat it. Anyways the point is you can’t because local markets are like miles away. So you sit all day at office with a grumpy face.

5- bollywood queen KR

6)    You play car racing video game in real

-         While crossing roads in Delhi is no big deal for you, you literally have mini heart-attacks while crossing the roads here. You never know from which direction a car will come and throw you over the other side of the road. This again comes under the menu of free services provided by Gurgaon.

6- crossing road fun

7)    You are in debt

-         Because the private auto-rickshaws charge you gold! Shared auto rickshaws are not even an option! You won’t even know when you will get punched because thanks to the driver who applied brakes in such an abrupt manner that you accidently planted a peck on the lady’s cheek sitting beside you. Good luck!

7- alia bhatt tears

8)    You hate the number 9

-         Because if you travel by car, that’s the minimum time by which you will reach home. The maximum can even be 11!  And when you finally reach, your family brings a stretcher to carry you home.

8- team work Gur-

9)    You build patience

-         If you are a parent reading this article and feel your kid has no patience, force him to travel by metro for even one week and his mind will become as calm as a summer sea. “Sorry” and “Excuse me” doesn’t even exist in the dictionary of most people. Get a cab ride for yourself for a break if you are fed up of travelling in metro at an affordable price using these Ola cabs coupons.

9- joey in friend


10) People think you are going on a trip

-         Because you carry three bags: a laptop bag, handbag and a lunch bag! All of your neighbours who see you leaving gather around you enquiring about your vacation details and disperse leaving mean looks as soon as you tell them that it’s just a regular day to work. Even your cab driver confirms if you are going to Gurgaon or airport!



You also start to feel a little jealous of people who put up just nearby your office. Here comes that colleague! You throw a smile and shake hands with him, mumbling curse words under your breath and..


Author: Heena

While some people love to collect coins and marbles, Heena loves to collect all things girly and cute! She is a content writer at CashKaro and often likes to lose herself in good books. Besides that, she’s a glutton and likes to visit new food outlets as and when she can.

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