Year-end special: A look back at 2015


So it happened as we would have expected it to be. 2015 was one big, grand, awesome, happy and of course, a memorable year for CashKaro. God brought so many good things into CashKaro but “The 2015 Journey” would easily be the best.

And you want to know why, Check it out yourselves!

The Usually Ambitious JANUARY

New Year, New Hopes, New Goals and New Ambitions – It is common, isn’t it? But what is not common is whether these goals are eventually achieved. FYI, at the end of this post, you will realize that we do take resolutions seriously B-)

Apart from the materialistic goals, we launched a new campaign called the #EkCashKaroEkChai. Who doesn’t need a happy start to the New Year? People with money have the liberty to party hard but what about the poor & needy. So we thought that we would do something to bring smile on their faces. Winters in North India are not a joke, especially for people who are homeless. To fight the merciless cold, CashKaro launched the #EkCashKaroEkChai campaign where we pledged to serve Tea (aka Chai) to all the needy people across Delhi NCR. For every shopping that happened via between 14th – 18th January, a chai was served. More info here.


FEB – Just Got Fab!

We launched two new features on our site: Product Discovery and Price Comparison. With these features, our users could search for any product on and even compare its price among different sellers. Shopping and saving just got easier!

Rightly regarded as the month of love, user’s relationship with Cashkaro got deeper. <3

Not to forget, without the constant efforts of our enthusiastic employees, this wouldn’t have been possible.

Forward MARCH!!

Enough of serious months, we needed some FUN time. Cometh the month of March, cometh the festival of colours. Holi unleashed the devil mode inside us. I am going to play safe by putting only a decent picture here.

A for April, A for Anniversary

What CashKaro is today is mainly because of our awesome owners; Rohan & Swati Bhargava. And if the event is their anniversary, there is nothing big like it. April not only marked the anniversary of the duo but also the company itself. What started 5 years ago in UK (, just got its existence in India too, in the name of

Two years now and still going super strong, we think our work force should be recognized in Physics books ;)

The MAY’king of a Grand Party

Work, work, work and work was all around and the scorching heat of Summer was a salt on the wound. Fir kya hua??

Bhagwan ne duniya ko diya Rohan & Swati. Aur Unhoney humey diya ek Shaandar Party.

It was a Friday, a Mad Friday. The CashKaro employees were let loose at PVR bluO. And what happened then, is not something which kids should watch. :P In case you missed it, you can see all the actions here.

Being June – Being Awesome

Why was June an awesome period for us? June marked the highest earning for our company in 2015. It feels awesome when you break a record, doesn’t it?  

We are now half way through the year. 6 Down, 6 To Go!

Glam July

July didn’t disappoint either. The months of June and July brought some happy smiles on all of us as our revenue graph grew exponentially. CNBC was to arrive at our office for a shooting. As the news spread in office, there was another aura of excitement in air. Why not! We saw some people calling up their friends and family for informing about the same and grinning with their 32 teeth out.

August – 50 Not Out*

Our team size marked a half century! We are now a team of more than 50 members. CashKaro is growing at a mighty rate and this number is only increasing.

Awesome September

This one is for the HR. Our awesome HR manager once again organized an awesome party at the awesome Underdoggs in Gurgaon. Just so you know, “awesome” is her favourite word and she has managed to spread this infectious word just on everyone’s lips. How awesome is that! So the September party at Underdoggs was another party where the whole atmosphere echoed with thumping beats and mind-blowing music. Read more about it HERE.



The G October C F

CashKaro rolled out the biggest Cashback festival of the year, GOCF. The Great Online Cashback Festival was held from 13th to 16th October. It was nothing short of a Cashback extravaganza – for us, the retailers as well as our users.

The Great Online Cashback Festival became much greater when we were in the Top 10 Trending on Twitter. Holy God, shower more of these blessings on us.


November – A month we’ll always Remember

An incredibly famous month for us, CashKaro raised Rs.25 crore in Series A funding from Kalaari capital. The news also got featured in Techcrunch, the leading online publisher of technology industry news!

Funding Aagayi. Ek Party Tho Bantha Hai Boss! Then there was the fantabulous Diwali party held at our CashKaro office – A super cool barbecue and an Inter-team rangoli competition. We did unleash our creativity in the competition and also unleashed some beast mode in the eating bay :D The hottest couples danced (bromance was the highlight of the party), many let their hair down, people devoured all the scrumptious food and needless to say, this party was another delicious success!



December – Saying Bye!

Not only did we say bye to the year, we also bid adieu to our old office. Our new office is totally swanky!

December is never over without a Christmas party. To spread the holiday cheer, our HR once again organized a party. A “Secret Santa” game was played and the gifts brought smiles on so many faces. It was followed by a crazy dress competition and some results were catastrophic. As always, we were treated with lip-smacking food. Check out all the CashKaro’s Santa Bantas and the Christmas Tree (though it might not look like one :P)


That’s it. 2015 is Done? Hell No!!!

Just before the New Year, we got a new logo! The Cashkaro website had a marvellous transformation and its face got some additional make ups ;)


In 2015, every month gave us something to cheer about. Hopefully, 2016 also gives us more happiness and success.

The Voice of our Employees:

We had happy moments and tough ones too,

But fighting them out made our resolutions come true.

A company so happy, without any vain,

CashKaro – Indeed a place to learn and gain!

Author: Heena

While some people love to collect coins and marbles, Heena loves to collect all things girly and cute! She is a content writer at CashKaro and often likes to lose herself in good books. Besides that, she’s a glutton and likes to visit new food outlets as and when she can.

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