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The Xbox One and the PlayStation 4 have developed essentially since previous versions. Both gaming stations now have more easy to understand interface, a continually developing stock of helpful applications and the most critical point being, huge amounts of incredible games. Both of the stations have some unmistakable preferences, namely the  Xbox One’s rich excitement elements make it a gaming system, while the superb abilities of the PS4 make it simple to show companions your most loved gameplay cuts  and even practically give them the controller for a little time. When you play in any of the two it feels like you’re experiencing the next generation of gaming.

Without a doubt, both of the systems are pretty awesome and it’s sometimes hard to choose the right one considering the fact about all that they have to offer. It’s almost feels like your mind is at war, whether to choose Xbox or Playstation and this is exactly why we are doing this post. To round up the constant battle of which gaming console is the ultimate buy. While most people tend to buy XBOX One Online, PS4 isin’t lacking behind and this post tells you why.


Graphics & Performance:

From the lavish, drivable vistas of Xbox One’s Titanfall to the beautifully unstable activity of PS4′s Middle Earth: Shawdow of Mordor, both of these new consoles make gaming look wonderful. Even though the games by and large look and give an awesome gameplay experience on both frameworks, PS4 is however far more advanced when it comes to resolution. The contrast somewhere around 1080p and 900p will have an impact on a few and it wouldn’t matter to a few as well. Then again, if getting the best conceivable freshness for most gamers is a need, PS4 dominates the competition.

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Xbox One has bunches of solid exclusives, including GTA V, Forza Horizon 2, Halo: The Master Chief Collection and Titanfall. In case you’re a fanatic of major Xbox games like, Batman: Arkham Knight, Call Of Duty: Ghosts, and Earthlock: Festival Of Magic, then you’ll be playing their new-gen emphasis just on Xbox One. PS4′s prominent exclusives incorporate GTA V, The Witcher 3, Mortal Combat X and many more.Generally speaking, you’ll experience no difficulty discovering incredible games on either stations; it just relies upon which game you prefer playing.

Final Verdict:

PS4 goes an extra mile to give you a great gameplay on the same games available on both consoles.

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No doubt the Xbox One is alluring, yet to a greater degree it looks like a major, black box. The framework’s top board is half-lustrous, half-matte  an example that switches on the front of the machine to make an unobtrusive checkerboard impact. It weighs 7 pounds and is 13 inches wide, however the Xbox One is a touch harder to transport and will take up excessive space than the more sleek, PS4.

The controller of the Xbox One is  lighter in comparison to the Xbox 360 controller, comprising flat, better buttons and reflexive guards at the top. PS4′s snuggled up DualShock 4 has more exceptional elements, with a front-confronting touchpad that serves as an additional catch, an implicit speaker and a light bar at the top that has several patterns of colour progression.

Final Verdict:

The PS4 Dual Shock is more appealing, with a controller that offers more usefulness that totally blows your minds.

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The Xbox One is valued at Rs 45,990 with Kinect and the PS4 price in India retails at Rs 39,999. You can get the PS4 or the Xbox One from our website, as we offer you all the great discounts and extra Cashback whenever you shop online.

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Both the consoles are pretty awesome,  we’d suggest you can buy any of the two  without a second thought, yet the PS4 is the best choice for gamers at this time. Notwithstanding offering the capacity to play more games at full 1080p, PS4′s instinctive Share menu and highlight rich controller make it the more easy to use support as far as both programming and equipment. Both Xbox One and PS4 have a solid lineup of games. However, generally, the PS4 is the ultimate buy.

Author: Mishuk Das

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