Why Fathers Should Never Be Nannies

On Sunday, 21st June, the world celebrated Father’s Day as a tribute to dads. Dad’s are fun and always seem to have your back. When your mom is the strict one, it’s your dad you run to to get a bad report card signed or to get some more money because you’ve been too frivolous. He’s your ATM and partner in crime and will give into your whims and fancies just to see your face light up!

However, there are some dads who just haven’t quite understood the responsibilities of being a parent and well…this is what happens when they’re put in charge:

The Food Debacle

If your mom isn’t around, trust me its not a good idea to let your dad cook you a meal. If he does manage to cook something up without blowing up the kitchen, you will end up spending time at the table with pained expression and false praise as you try to chug down that….chicken…or….meat…or…potato…or whatever in God’s name he cooked. Its all so brown, it’s hard to tell really! Your mom may have found him to be an amazing cook when they were dating (which in retrospect was probably food he ordered from some place) but you’re just going to go “Why me????”



It’s a better idea to just use FoodPanda Coupons and order yourself a meal you’d all enjoy as a family and Daddy Dearest can foot the bill!


Bath time is…Enjoyable

Well if you’re a toddler, you’re in for some fun time with your dad during the bath time. He’ll forget you’re actually a living soul and will just treat you as if he’s washing some automobile part. If you’re lucky he’ll just give in and start playing around with you as if you’re a human doll. Don’t believe me? Well take a look:





Well if you make it out of the tub alive, consider yourself lucky….or maybe not!




You’re of age as far as he’s concerend

Chuck the rules and forget what mom says! In his eyes you’re old enough to do everything. You can drive, you can cut his hair and you can even help him do house chores. Age is just a number right?



Sharing and Caring….What’s that?

Well remember how mommy always saves the last bite for you and always gives you the best of everything? You can forget about it with your dad because he’s a bigger baby than you when it comes to dessert!



Feeding….They’ll handle that too! (somewhat)

Men are engineered to find the shortest and laziest way to get things done. Even when it comes to feeding, they’re going to find fun and easy ways to make sure you’re tummy is full!



You’ll be Carried Around

Dads are strong and should have no problem carrying you around. But you’re going to miss you’re mom’s lap even more after he’s done with you!




And if you’r too heavy even for this……



If not carried….you’ll be pushed around for sure!



You’re Like a Minion

Well when mom’s not around do you think dads are going to bother doing any work? You’re there for that.



Play Time is Super Safe (Honest)

Who needs basketball when dads have the best toy in the world? YOU!






Nap Time is Peaceful (Sureee!)

That nice lullaby and the love arms of your mommy are  a far cry when dads just decide to collapse next to you!




End of the day you can’t deny you love your goofy dad from the bottom of your heart. He completes you and will always be a pillar of your strength. Show your daddy he’s your hero gifting him something special using flipkart coupons and be sure to give him a hug for every time he brought that precious smile on your face!


Author: Suruchi Sethi

Suruchi is a person with a vast and intricate background...Science..Economics...MBA...and now she's writing but the good part is she does what she enjoys. An avid reader, books keep her company most of the time! During her free time she likes watching DIY videos and try learning whatever she can no matter how crazy it seems!

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