What do I do with all the Cashback?

Much more than anyone else, I can admit to the fact that online retailing has changed the way one used to shop. To be frank, before I even began, I would be super dicey about shopping from an online retailer and was pretty much scared to shop from the then trending E-commerce websites such as Flipkart or Snapdeal. Reluctantly but successfully, I made my first online purchase from Flipkart, with instant discounts. That did make me happy as it would have made anyone else! After all, sales and discounts is what we look for, even before we know what to buy!

I did not shop much after that first purchase, but little did I know that with the next time I was to shop online, I would turn into an ardent online shopper. What was so different and exciting this time? Well yes! I got an amazing 10% Cashback on top of the 50% discount on my purchase. Gracias CashKaro.com!

A month later, I had already shopped more than I had ever in my life and saved even more than I ever could. With over a 1,000 Rupees worth of Cashback in my account, I am unsure what to do with all of it now! Confused about this, like every guy of our generation, I turned to my friends for some ideas to spend the earned Cashback!

This is what they want to do with Cashbacks..

Pay your debts like a Lannister!

4ec7a7256a65176c0a8aaf59afba38f27999790007b666544f2747b63c70a292Saniya here owes Venkat (her boyfriend) money for all the chocolates she ate! And she wouldn’t want to carry this burden after they break up (Oh yeah!!! :P). So Saniya probably has set her mind to collect all the Cashback she has earned and redeem it someday, so she can hand it off to his face!

There you go. With your Cashbacks earned, you can always pay off those debts you owe to people (Or maybe to pay for your own chocolates Saniya!)

Gorge on a so good KFC treat!

movies pulp fiction samuel l jackson actors faces eating big mac tasty burger 1920x1080 wallpape_www.wallpaperhi.com_87Every fine morning! It’s barely 2 hours into the office hours and Dominic the foodie is already craving to hog. But alas! Poor lad is out of cash and we do not want to sponsor his hogging activities.

Only if he had his Cashback, he could have ordered a yummy filling burger from KFC. And on this, he could have earned some money again as CashKaro.com also offers Cashback on KFC orders!

Gear up your iPhone with cool accessories!

tumblr_nartta82fx1sml0fbo1_500Snigdha has an iPhone 5S and she fancies it A LOT! The first thing that struck her mind when asked about what she would do with her earned Cashback, was to accessorise her iPhone with a tacky cover case or a good pair of earplugs (Psst! She earned the previous Cashbacks buying cover cases).

Chumbak has an extra-ordinary collection of tripping cool designer products including iPhone cases, eye wear, sling bags and off-beat tees! Shop via CashKaro.com and get additional Cashback of Rs.75 on every order over Rs.300.

And with the Cashback she earns on the new iPhone case, she wants to enjoy a footlong SUBWAY treat. Or chocolates may be!

Buy the first day-first show tickets to the latest Bolly movie!

DSCF2163_newMehak probably is the craziest Bollywood maniac I have come across. From the artist behind Basanti’s makeup to Sonam Kapoor’s favourite junk food (which happens to be samosas), Mehak keeps a check on every bolly gossip. And for such a fan it becomes a matter of death and war, if you don’t get to see the first day-first show of the latest Bollywood flick.

Without even having to ask Mehak, we know that she would definitely use her earned Cashbacks to buy herself the first day-first show ticket for this Friday’s blockbuster release from Bookmyshow (But I don’t think she’ll be able to catch the first show! Her boss expects her to be in office working). May be she can watch the last show!

Donate for a cause!

donate_small1Mebin turns out to be the kind-hearted one amongst us. He was generous enough to donate a part of his Cashback earnings to charity, when asked what he would do with his Cashback.

CashKaro.com extends a hand to help for the cause of charity. Partnering with various funded and non-funded NGOs, CashKaro.com fulfils its social responsibilities by reaching out to the online users to help make a difference. Donate a part of your Cashback earnings and help change the society!

With the rest, Mebin plans to buy a wallet for himself. He keeps losing them quite often!

Bake My Day with delightful cakes, pastries and desserts!

10502303_678383278918942_524431799657889720_nDanish has a sweet tooth! So he asks Saniya to bring him some of her baking delights. You can get 4 of Saniya Scott’s awesome cupcakes for about Rs.250. That sounds good to me!



I have got enough ideas on how to use my Cashback for now. But, I would still prefer some more ‘hatkar soch’! Why don’t you tell us how you would spend your Cashback earnings?

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CashKaroCashKaro.com partners with over 500+ retailers to provide the best products, discount deals and amazing Cashback to more than 15 million online shoppers in India. Being the first in the India E-commerce scene to introduce Cashbacks, CashKaro has already generated 25 crore worth of sales for the retailers, while paying almost a crore as Cashbacks. Now Shop & Earn!

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He be the stupid yet dexterous Content writer, with a great sense of humor in anything and everything. A hard core foody by heart, he knows nothing beyond chilling (also read as lazing) around, playing pranks, being funny, being cheesy and photography. He dreams high and the International Space Station is the limit for him. Follow me on - , Facebook, Twitter Love.Light.Peace.Amen.

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