Types of Brothers Almost Each One of Us Has

On 29th August, India will celebrate one of its sweetest festivals- Raksha Bandhan. It celebrates the bond between a brother and sister where he vows to protect her and she ties him a thread symbolizing her love and good wishes. For sisters all over this is Christmas part 2 as she’s showered with gifts and for brothers its the time of the year to pamper their sisters (whether they’re broke or not!)

A brother and sister bonding is surely special in its own way which cannot be replicated. However, brothers fit into various categories and invariably every girl has a brother who fits in at least one of them. Check out the various kinds of brothers, almost every girl has:

The Protector

He’s your dark defender- be it defending you from parents when you score low marks or be it your superhero who comes picks you up whenever its past 7 pm just to make sure you’re safe! Before you start getting too happy, they’re also the kind who will protect you from boys whether you like it or not making your love life a bit lonely. Ouch!



 The Joker

He’s all the crazy you need. He’ll keep you entertained all day and make sure he has a wise joke on every relative ever to come to your house. His antics are plain goofy, he’ll narrate even the most mundane story with quirky twists and puns and you know thanks to him life will never have a dull moment. As her brother, you have made her smile on every occasion and now you can bring a smile on her face using FnP coupons to gift her something special she will cherish for life.



The Secret Keeper

He’s one person you know you can confide in no matter what. He’s your 3 am friend and thanks to him you never have to face any problem in life alone. Sometimes you’ll even find yourself sharing secrets with him you wouldn’t even tell your bff! What’s best is that it works both ways. You too are his confidant and he comes tells you about his new crush or how he secretly loves a girl. It feels really good to have each other.




The Disciplinary

Having him around can sometimes be a buzz kill. At times, he’s even more strict than your own father and always tries to correct you or teach you the importance of punctuality, discipline and the likes. You can’t really get away with much if he has his eye on you which most probably he does! Still, end of the day you know he means well.

giphy 1 frustrated

Deal Makers

They can be one of the worst kind to have because apparently they know all your secrets and keep making deals with you to buy your silence. Usually this can work two ways too and the only way to deal with this kind is to have privy to his secrets too. Don’t underestimate them, they have a lot in their arsenal and you don’t know when they might blackmail you.

giphy secret


These brothers are both a bliss and annoying. They mostly mind their own life and don’t interfere in yours much either. You worry about them that they might be running some secret racket you’re not aware of! Most of the times you find out about their antics through social media and question whether the two of you even live in the same house.

giphy selena

The Givers

They’re one of the best kinds of brothers who care about you beyond their own comfort. They cannot see you sad and will share their chocolates, sweets and basically all their toys if it made you happy. Even till date, they make it a point to check on you as to how you’re doing and if you need anything. They’re really your life!

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Lazy Bones

Such brothers are usually the younger sibling who haven’t ever faced much responsibility. You have to constantly wake them up for college and no matter what time of the day you come home, you’ll find them sitting on the couch playing on their Xbox or watching the same repeated sitcoms.

giphy (1) lazyThe Dependents 

They again are usually the younger sibling and have depended on you since childhood especially if both your parents have been busy. You’ve brought him home from school, packed his lunch, tied his shoe laces and probably sharpened his pencils too. Till this date, he depends on you for the little stuff and you give in! The best way to thank your sister is by giving her something beautiful and you can find some amazing gifts using jabong coupons to help you find something special and unique for her as well as earn cash back from us.


The Leg Pullers/ Teaser

Growing up with this one is quite a task because they’re present at every turn to pull your leg or tease you about something you may have done years ago. They tease you, pull your hair and make life miserable but they’re also fun to grow up with. You know you wouldn’t have it any other way!


No matter what category your brother fits, you know life is incomplete without him. Through all the fights, arguments, and disagreements, at the end of the day you love your brother and they love you the same. CashKaro wishes you on the occasion of Raksha Bandhan and be sure to make the fullest of this auspicious festival with your brother.



Author: Suruchi Sethi

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