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Find something you are passionate about and keep tremendously interested in it. –Julia Child

In our country, which happens to be a little backward, women have always had to give up on their passion, jobs, their leisure and everything, when they settle down as a family. Education, work, office, friends and every other thing they like to do move away, while family, husband, children and ailing parents become their priority, to which they happily serve. Within the four corners of the house, the kitchen to be more precise, they spend minutes, hours and days feeding us, yet never do they complain about what all they have to do.

I have always wondered what it feels like, to have stepped down from what one loves doing, step down from a successful career and from all the pleasures of life, to look after us ignorant beings. Is this getting serious?

Ummm…a bit I feel! Well, no matter how bad we feel for all the women and the mothers making ‘dal-chaawal’ and ‘rotis’ in the millions of kitchens in India, we must realise that they love what they do. They love us, they love cooking, they love cooking for us and hence they love what they do. For all you women and mothers working round the clock in our kitchens, why not make what you love, your passion or your thing to do?

We at, came across one such woman, who left a successful career behind her to become a homemaker mother of two. It is only imaginable how hard it is for someone who’s been working for a good 7-8 years, to settle down and look after her family for the rest of her life. But unlike many, Deeba Rajpal, with all the time she had at home, took her love for food, baking and photography, as a fortunate opportunity to start off with a new passion.

Featuring on ‘The Online Kitchen of India’, an online platform initiated by, which brings together celebrity chefs, food bloggers, food enthusiasts and foodies, we have Deeba Rajpal, who has been baking, blogging, cooking and clicking food since 2007. Listen to Deeba’s experiences as a homemaker-mother, baker, food stylist and food photographer and her secrets to perfectly baked recipes.


Deeba RajpalDeeba Rajpal, is an ardent baker and an even keener food blogger. Beginning in 2007, Deeba has been baking delicacies and blogging food from home for a good 15 years. Call her a bake-a-holic or a person obsessed with cakes, desserts or patisserie, Deeba is an inspiration or rather an ambassador of baking in a not very friendly to baking nation, i.e. India.

Deeba Rajpal

With a clear lacking of some of the exotic baking ingredients in the Indian kitchens, including the missing oven, Deeba rolls with her Mantra ‘Bake from Scratch’, making and experimenting with easily available and alternate ingredients like buckwheat, oats, almond meal, honey and olive oil.

Obsessed with creating new recipes, styling food and clicking earthly pictures of yummylicious food, Deeba Rajpal has a great sense of detailing and likes using props and crockery when she goes clicking bucolic pictures.

Deeba Rajpal

Blogging out her heart, tummy and mind, Deeba Rajpal writes about her daily adventures and experiments in kitchen on her blog, ‘Passionate About Baking’, often including the rustic pictures of food, props and all the amazing places she travels to. Passionate about writing, Deeba also guest writes for Times of India and co-writes at Mactweets.

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