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‘Part of the secret of success in life is to eat what you like’  -Mark Twain

Food serves as a perfect thing on a platter, to bring together cultures, cuisines and to connect people from various walks of life. And hence, proudly features an online platform where anything and everything is centred just around food. For all you food munchers and hogging enthusiasts, we at, bring star chefs and celebrated food bloggers from around India to talk to you about their experiences at cooking and share their kitchen mantras, mouth-watering recipes, secret spice mixes and must try dishes. Join, as we share, talk and explore food and food cultures, over a twitter chat filled with fun, laugh, gossips and much more.

To eat, is what she loves and to cook, is what her passion is! Fascinated by art and food at a very early age, Sanjeeta K.K. spent hours in her mother’s kitchen, sketching food and fiddling with the spices, for some reason. Perhaps, that’s where here passion for food, cooking and photography comes from! For the second round of twitter chat at ‘The Online Kitchen of India’, invited Celebrated Food and Travel Blogger, Sanjeeta K.K. to talk about her tryst with food, to all the online food loving bees and followers.


Sanjeeta Sanjeeta K.K, a celebrated food blogger, photographer, food columnist and a homemaker mother of two, lives a perfect life which can be clearly tagged as a dream come true. Though she had to give up on her passion i.e. talking about food, when she got married and had to manage the beautiful home she had just walked into, she never really lost the connect she had with food. Scribbling down interesting recipes from magazines, making new dishes for her babies at home and other activities kept her bonded to her first love, food.

_MG_6012-compressedAfter years of trying to break free from all the chains and persuading herself to follow her passion, Sanjeeta finally tried her hand at food blogging. In 2009, Lite Bite happened where she relived memories from her childhood days. Art and Food paddle their way back together into Sanjeeta’s life and she lived happily thereafter. Lite Bite, straight out of Sanjeeta’s heart, features amazing vegetarian recipes, egg free baking tips and healthy desserts for the health conscious and the vegans.

Sharing the latest adventures from her kitchen with fusion recipes and the story of her life through food blogs and photography, Sanjeeta took up new challenges which opened up the gates for her to engage her in food blogging, creative food styling and food photography.


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