Tune Yourself Into The Christmas State of Mind With Goa

If you’re planning for a holiday this Christmas then Goa is the place to be. With exotic beaches GOA is famous for its Christmas parties as far and wide as possible. Goa remains as the most precise spot for seeing the most energetic Christmas and New Year around the world. Visiting Goa amid this time will doubtlessly make your Christmas the most cherished and memorable story of your life. So here are a few things you should definitely do if you’re visiting Goa this Christmas.

church goa

Live in a Casa:

Try the Casas near Kandolim beach, they are owned by very friendly people and they make you feel like you are at home. The rooms are pretty nice and you would get to stay for a very reasonable price. Well the whole point of living in a Casa is not to save money, but to actually take the feeling of spending a few nights in a Casa near the beach.

casa in goa

Rent a Scooty:

The best way to see Goa is on a scooty. Fuel costs are really low compared to other states since it is a Union territory and scootys give you the best mileage.

shack goa

 Visit the Friday night market:

Whatever you do don’t forget to visit the Friday night market near Baga beach. Trust me you’ll have the time of your life. The culture and activities at that market is something you have never witnessed before and the music out there simply touches your heart. Also, you get to eat Goa’n cuisines and get to buy apparels and accessories that evolve your style in the Goa’n way.

Friday night market

Spend Christmas Eve in a Gothic Church:

Goa is broadly respected for its Gothic churches that are designed to mesmerize you. The charming excellence of these chapels alone can make your Christmas  excellent. However, the estimable embellishments that are carried out to enliven these chapels to celebrate Christmas, improve its mysterious magnificence all the more. The sparkling brilliant lights, gleaming embellishments, the heavenly appeal of the Christmas carols helps converting your Christmas holidays into a life-changing event.


Sea Food and Feni:

The Goan food is yet an alternate pleasure for sustenance for foodies in this tropical state of India, which will definitely add taste to your Christmas celebrations. The seafood of Goa is one of its attractions that would unquestionably be a treat to your senses of taste. Also, you get to savor in a few flavorful treats that are Christmas specials. At the same time, there is an extraordinary Goan drink feni to depend on for the individuals who don’t have a sweet tooth and need something unique for their Christmas festivals.

goa sea food

Goa’s Psychedelic Nightlife:

Last, but not the least goa’s nightlife is something you don’t want to miss, especially during the time of Christmas. The fame of Goa’s music is spread across the world for its energetic trance music with a touch of Indian classical instruments and soulful ambience. Believe me when I tell you that during the time of Christmas everything boosts up and with this the fun, vitality and energy additionally rises endlessly and infinitely. Goa wakes up amid Christmas and this can be experienced through its vivacious nightlife offered by the different night clubs, rave parties, pubs, bars, resto-bars, restaurants, resorts and so on.  Goa tunes you to the “Christmas state of mind”.


Sunburn is a popular music festival that is organised on a beach  with reputed international artists playing in it. If you book your tickets now, then probably you’ll make it there in time for Sunburn 2014.

goa nightlife

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