Top 5 Budget Smartphones of the season!

With day to day technological advancements influencing the way people think, act and live, one cannot simply stick to the conventional mobile devices which were once the best devices mankind ever possessed. 21st century onwards mobile manufacturing companies began exploring their options at possibly merging the functionalities of a computer and a cellular device into a new concept device i.e. the ‘Smartphone’.

The Cell phone, which was a means to connect with people earlier, has since then evolved with the market leaders such as Apple, Samsung, Nokia, Sony, Blackberry and many more competing to provide the best of the available devices.

Smartphones were seen by many to be advanced products but come today, owning a smartphone is not a style statement but a necessity! Smartphones or rather a mini computer cum mobile had all the cool features such as large multi capacitive touch-screen displays, Wi-Fi connectivity, fast wireless speeds for data streaming and Web browsing, superior cameras and access to scores of applications. Having a smartphone now was convenient as it could organize, store and play large amounts of data, media and other stuff. However, the prices of these smartphones kept many who dreamed of owning one, away from the thoughts of buying them.

Manufacturers across understood the price factor to be a key factor in the surprisingly low sales and hence decided to work out on newer and cheaper smartphones. And hence, we have impressive yet cheaper smartphones out in the market these days. Let’s look at some of the best in class budget smartphones of this century till now.

Moto G

MotoGMotorola’s comeback chit into the market was the flagship Moto smartphone series. Motorola launched Moto G smartphones before a huge gathering with a reasonable price tag, which in fact set the balls rolling for Motorola. Moto G featured the latest Android Jelly Bean OS, 1GB RAM, 5MP Primary Camera, 4.5 inch HD display, optional storage capacity of 8GB or 16GB and available at an amazing deal of Rs 13,999.

Micromax Canvas Doodle A111

Micromax Canvas A111

While the big names in the industry were making a mark with their great smartphones, certain not so popular brands too came up with cheaper but comparably smarter devices. Micromax made this opportunity count and introduced the Micromax Canvas Doodle A111. This smartphone has Android v4.1.2 Jelly Bean OS and has a 5.3Inch Full touch capacitive display, 8MP Primary camera, 2MP Secondary camera, 512 RAM, expandable memory of up to 32GB and all the cool features including Wi-Fi connectivity, 3G, Bluetooth. It also comes with Dual SIM option for the users. With its amazing build quality and premium looks, the Micromax Canvas Doodle rocked in the market and was the best option for the price savvy at 9K.

 Nokia XL

 Nokia XL

Nokia was already reigning the mobile device market when they decided to take on the smart phone section as well. After a successful run with the Nokia Lumia series which were based on the Windows platform, Nokia wanted to take on the android market. Hence they come up with the Nokia X series which basically ran on X software platform based on the Android 4.1 OS. Nokia XL has got the looks and the feel. And so is it featured packed with a 5 inch capacitive touch screen, 2000 mAH battery life, Dual SIM option, 5MP auto focus rear camera and a 2MP front camera. Powered by a 768MB RAM, the Nokia XL comes with 4GB internal memory which can be expanded up to 32GB at a very decent pricing of 10K onwards.

Sony Xperia L

Sony Xperia LAlso known as Sony Xperia L C2105, this trademark device from the house of Sony has the best of the features that can be put into a device within a price range of 13K. The Sony Xperia L runs on Android v4.1 Jelly Bean OS and a powerful 1 GHz Dual Qualcomm Processor which makes this smartphone work as smooth as it can be without the slightest possibility of hanging. On a display screen of as large as 4.3 inch, viewing pictures, playing games and watching video files is an experience in itself. With the in-built 8MP camera with Exmor RS, one does not even feel the need of having a digital camera to click those precious moments.

Samsung Galaxy S Duos

Samsung Galaxy S Duos

When the top manufacturers were competing to put forward a smartphone with premium features, they could not figure out a way to tackle the price tag. However, Samsung with its superb engineering developed a smartphone for the people. The slogan for Samsung Galaxy S Duos 2 goes like ‘Heavy on Performance, Light on your Pocket’ and hence it is true. A smartphone with edgy features such as a 4 inch TFT Capacitive touchscreen, 5MP Primary camera featuring CMOS/ auto focus, expandable storage capacity of 64GB and Dual SIM options makes it hard to find a contemporary smartphone in the price range of 9K. Inside a decent built casing, the Samsung Galaxy S Duos is powered by a 1.2 GHz Dual Core Application Processor and the Android v4.2 Jelly Bean OS. And guess what? It’s Wi-Fi enable so you can simply connect with the world on the go.

So for all those looking to have the power of smart connectivity within their hands at a pocket friendly price, be smart, follow this list and own a smartphone for yourselves.

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  1. Great article of the best phones under 10000 INR. Am confused between the Samsung Galaxy S Dous and Sony Xperia L. Tell me which one is more preferable to buy.

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