Top 10 all-time Goals in Football

The mega carnival of football has begun and Brazil is already going berserk with all the football overdose. Fans and supporters are thronging the streets of Brazil to catch the action live while the rest of the world is glued on to their media sets for the updates.

The FIFA World Cup has always been about the game, teams, strategies, strikes, skills and the goals! The last world cup saw some awesome players do wonders with their skills and strikes, winning games for their teams and expectations are on a high at this year’s world cup too! As the world cup proceeds we have a list of top 10 all-time skills and goals showcased by the greatest players of the game!

1)      Ryan Giggs’s solo FA cup wonder!

15 years ago, Ryan Giggs did something special. The FA Cup semi-final between Arsenal and Manchester United was delicately poised at 1-1 in extra-time. The Red Devils were down to ten men but clinging on. United’s treble dream was hanging by a thread. Enter Giggs, who took matters into his own hands, charging through the Arsenal defence to score perhaps the greatest goal in the history of the competition.



2)      Clarence Seedorf strikes!

Seedorf’s 40 yard long range strike against Atletico Madrid is considered to be the best long range shot ever. This wonder shot left everybody stunned as the goalkeeper saw the ball curling away from him and then in a split of a second, the ball was in the net. GOAL!!


3)      Carlos’s Free kick of a hell!

Brazil’s Roberto Carlos took a shot from 115ft mark against France in 1997 which was seemingly heading for the corner flag but the ball curved like a banana to hit the bar and into the net.

The bend was so pronounced that the French goalkeeper Fabien Barthez made no move for the ball thinking it would safely clear the goal post. A ball boy 30 feet away from the goal also ducked thinking it was going for him until astonishingly the ball made a last moment sweep leftwards and landed in the net.


4)      Zlatan Ibrahimovic Bicycle’s past England!

The Swedish striker won the 2013 FIFA Puskás (fans) Award for his superb overhead bicycle kick efforts which turned into a goal which he scored from around the 30 yards mark in a friendly game against England in 2012. This amazing strike was recorded in football history as Ibrahimovic steered Sweden past England 4-2 at Friends Arena in Stockholm.


5)      Roberto Carlos’s improbable Corner shot!

If football was to have a hall of fame, Roberto Carlos deserved a place more than anyone else. Already raining goals, Roberto Carlos scored a goal that will forever go down in history as the improbable goal. We’re talking about Carlos who is running at full speed, and takes a whack at the ball from the corner, making it turn at an impossible angle into the corner of the net. What an angle!


6)      Zidane’s stunning volley shot!

Real Madrid’s return to Hampden Park was not disappointing at all as Zinedine Zidane’s memorable volley earned his side a ninth European Champions Club Cup, the cruellest of ends to a campaign that had promised so much for Bayer Leverkusen. The show was 1-1 and drifting towards half-time when Roberto Carlos’ hopeful cross looped to the edge of the penalty area. Zidane, watching and waiting pirouetted at the ball and caught it full on the volley with his supposedly weaker left foot. Goalkeeper Jörg Butt never had a chance.


7)      Ronaldo 40 yard flasher!

Ronaldo’s thunderous strike from just shy of the 40 yards mark flew across into the top corner. Recordings showed the strike was taken from 39.6 yards and the ball travelled at a speed of 64.2 mph. The ball exploded off Ronaldo’s foot and rocket into the nets!


8)      An unstoppable Messi v/s Getafe

It was a goal that had commentators screaming and shouting Goal!! A work of art that had viewers running out of words to comment, still dominates as the greatest skills ever used. Do you remember Maradona’s 1986 world cup stint against England.

Teenage Argentine striker for Barcelona reproduced the same acts in every aspect as of Maradona’s famous strike against England, also considered as the Goal of the Century!


9)      Ronaldinho Goal against England!

Brazil were playing against England when Ronaldinho turned that game around for his team. First Ronaldinho equalised the score converting an assist by Rivaldo’s into a goal just before the half-time. In the 50th minute, Ronaldinho then took a free-kick from 35 meter completely surprising the English goalkeeper David Seaman to win Brazil a 2–1 game as he managed to score the on-going World Cup’s most memorable goal, securing Brazil’s route to the final four.


10)  Rooney thunder bicycle kick and Maradona’s Goal of the Century.

This one features two different goals as we cannot miss them anyways! Manchester United’s England striker Wayne Rooney executes a bicycle kick!

Considered the best, England forward’s efforts came in a crucial Manchester Derby game in 2011. Reading Nani’s cross from the right, Rooney left Joe Hart standing still with a powerfully struck bicycle kick and that too in air.

Maradona takes on England single handedly!

The Argentina v/s England game played on 22 June, 1986 was a football fixture in the quarter-finals of the1986 FIFA World Cup at the Estadio Azteca in Mexico City

It was also a match which included two of the most famous goals in football history, both scored by Deigo. After the ‘Hand of God’ goal where Maradona scored a goal using his hand, he stuck again in the 54th minute. Dribbling past five England players, Maradona showcased a masterpiece. Voted as the Goal of the Century by voters, Maradona also won the Golden Ball for player of the tournament.

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  1. These goals are just incredible. Carlos (No3) is just incredible. Just dont see such football anymore.

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  2. has anyone ever looked into the goal from Maradona against England as an own goal?

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  3. Where’s Bergkamp? I miss 2 goals from him. Van Basten? At least 1 goal. Van Persie? 1 missing too.

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