This Movie Will Definitely Create Chemical Locha In Your Brain

If you don’t want to get your brains fried for life, then do not I repeat do not go for this movie even if you are a Bollywood freak. But if you are convinced and you think you have the tolerance level to deal with this extremely bizarre movie, then you can book your tickets with the latest Bookmyshow coupons available on our website. However, be afraid be very very afraid because it can have a lasting effect on your mind and its not going to be nice. So here is a review of the most pathetic Bollywood Movie of 2015

We ought to be compensated for taking the torment to watch madly uncouth films like ‘Kuch Kuch Locha Hai’. Films like these don’t even merit a notice anyplace, however for the purpose of Sunny Leone fans, here is to a lesser extent a survey and to a greater degree a statutory cautioning in respect to why you shouldn’t even consider viewing the supposed ‘sex satire’.


‘Kuch Kuch Locha Hai’ makes sure to execute you of weariness and make you go mad. The repulsive plot and disastrous acting by each and every person in the motion picture climaxes to an epic incident that you would ever need to witness while viewing a film.
It isn’t so much that sex comedies aren’t leaving their imprint on working class Indian subliminal quality, yet for them to be successful, the movies need to be entering in their substance and presentation.


The story spins around a rich Gujarati dude Praveen Patel who is an enormous enthusiast of Bollywood performer Shanaya. His wife Kokila is a profound lady, who invests the greater part of her energy singing spiritual songs. Praveen’s child Jigar is enamored with his neighbor Naina and needs to get hitched to her. He is attempting by all intends to influence his dad for the same. Contort in the story comes, when Praveen gets an opportunity to meet his most loved performer Shanaya and she communicates her craving to stay at his home to take in the subtleties of Gujarati social for her next movie or whatsoever.

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The director of this movie is definitely a third class film maker and has a mindset that a wet heroin is always hot. He also implements this thought of his and verifies that Sunny stays dunked in a swimming pool more often than not. What’s more, you see her strolling all through a pool numerous times displaying her adequate cleavage, in every other scene. There is even a mindless tune devoted to the pool. Don’t bother. It is miserable that the ‘adult comedy drama’ sort in Bollywood now generally appears to be constrained to “ideas” composed with Sunny Leone and a couple of men yearning around her as a main priority.

Navdeep Chabbra is so terrible in the film that he doesn’t even merit the Golden Kela Award for most noticeably awful presentation, on the grounds that would be an affront to the recompense show. Having said that, his co-performer Evelyn Sharma is awful too. Furthermore, Ram Kapoor has recently endeavored to stain his own reputation by consenting to be a part of the film. The moviemakers appear to have taken a pledge to utilize Sunny Leone as an item and the poor young lady needs to depend on those shoddy jokes all the times. It is a terrible film with everything awful in it.

Author: Mishuk Das

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