The Joys and Struggles of Having Best Friends

There are two types of people in this world: those who make friends quickly and those who take 1,088,786 years to bond. I, without a doubt, belong to the second category. And the funny thing is that my closest friends are extroverts! Talk of opposites attracting each other! That being said, there are some things which everyone can relate to regardless of their nature, if they have the best buddies:

They handle your craziness

- While they are the ones who appreciate your weirdness more than anyone, these are also the ones who know that you have run from a mental hospital.

ross giphy unagi

They have mastered the art of non-verbal communication with you

- Be it laughing silently at someone’s fake tales, noticing two other crazy people, telling them not to make you go red with your crush sitting by your side or telling them to shut up; you can do all of that with your facial expressions!


They have made your family question your sexuality

- If you are a woman and your besties are female (and vice-versa) and you are single and you chat and hangout all day long with them, your family shows constant signs of worry. You know why!

They don’t judge you

- You can go to their place anytime even in your PJs and sans make-up because you know they too will be in the same horrible state. You are comfortable sharing anything with your best friends, no matter how strange or ugly it is.


They blackmail you

- The look on their face is priceless when they have extracted information about you which can be used as a weapon. Wuhahaha! If not this, there are times you repent telling some top secrets to them.


They embarrass you in public

- Playing pranks on you or unleashing the kid within them in public is a routine activity for them.

piano playing publc embrs

They listen to your pointless dramas

- Besides handling your tantrums, they listen patiently to your meaningless talks and comfort you just with their presence.


They are your free therapists

- Because when you can’t even bring yourself to talk, just hearing to their voice can soothe you.



Most of all, the top reasons why they are your best friends are because they love you even at your ugliest form and believe in you when even you don’t!


Author: Heena

While some people love to collect coins and marbles, Heena loves to collect all things girly and cute! She is a content writer at CashKaro and often likes to lose herself in good books. Besides that, she’s a glutton and likes to visit new food outlets as and when she can.

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