The First of Many to Come: Welcome to Cashkaro Tadka!

As I type this one-of-many, first-ever blogs for, I feel a deep sense of belongingness to the E-commerce world. is a very cool website that has grown really well in the past one year, a blog was obviously the next step!

If you were to ask me what Cashkaro’s Blog is all about? Is it just another portal through which you will promote your deals, etc? To that I’d say: No, Cashkaro Tadka is not JUST ANOTHER promotional portal for our deals but it is exactly what the name suggests, a blog about everything spicy!

Cashkaro Tadka will be a culmination of all things related to E-commerce, Online Shopping, interesting trends, marketing hacks, members’ reviews, product specifications and almost anything and everything else that you can mortally think of. What will set this blog aside of the others is the fact that you will look forward to each post and will discover something new every time.

With all of the above in the background, here are 5 reasons why you just WON’T be able to resist our blog:

(1)    Everyone loves SPICE and we will give you just that! (The spice will be real, authentic and from reliable sources)

(2)    Everyone loves a good deal! (And we will only showcase deals that people love, no random promotional deals)

(3)    Everyone loves to know what our Members think about us (And what better proof of our services than our customers’ comments?)

(4)    Everyone…well some subset of “everyone” loves to keep themselves abreast with news! Cashkaro will feature interesting E-Comm & Online Biz news and shall be your source of recent updates! (This blog will not be a one-way communicator, we want to hear from you too. So do comment, )

(5)    Everyone who wants to save EXTRA money, this blog will blow your mind and lead you “Savers Heaven”!

To Cashkaro, this Blog is something we’ve been talking about for a long time and we’ve been waiting for it no end. We’ve also been questioned about it from our members and today, the Cashkaro blog has finally descended on us.

For those of you who haven’t befriended Cashkaro yet, here’s a sneek-peak into what its services can do to your pockets (Hint: They fill them back up as you spend) J is already India’s largest and only funded Cashback & Coupons website. It is becoming to be one of the most trustworthy and popular website in the “Online Deals & Discounts” space in India. To reap the benefits of Cashkaro, all you need to be is someone who shops! And in almost every sense, that is everyone reading this and even those who aren’t. BUT if you’re a shopaholic, you will love it even more!

How it works is:

(1)    Join Free and choose the retailer you are planning to shop at.

(2)    Click-out to the retailer of your choice via Cashkaro and shop as normal.

(3)    Cashback will get added to you Cashkaro account automatically!

And that’s that! The Cashback is paid to you over and above existing sales, promotions, discounts, coupons, etc and is also paid to your bank account, so it is indeed real cash saved and collected!! How’s that for an augmentation to your salary?

Anyway, enough about what Cashkaro is and how it can help you. What we are really excited about is Cashkaro Tadka and the stories to follow! I can’t wait to see this blog progress and hear from YOU.

So while this is just the first of many of our blog posts, this one is special for it is the first one. But yes, this Blog is something you will love and I hope you will share this with your friends, family and the world around you!


Author: Saniya Scott

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  1. Thanks for this awesome first blog Saniya – a great start!

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  2. This is awesome. Very well written :)

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