Stages You go Through When Starting a New Sitcom!

Sitcoms- the wonderfully delirious world of entertainment forever aiming to suck you in so you can’t leave without finishing a season over night! Sitcoms have become increasingly popular as the new generation is shifting away from the Indian soap operas to smarter and wittier programs. The good thing about American sitcoms is that it has sensible story lines which moves forward with every episode rather than keeping you stuck in a time warp! Be it legal shows like Suits or medical dramas like Grey’s Anatomy, the shows surely have an addictive quality to them.

Here are the stages every sitcom viewer goes through when he or she contemplates starting a new one:


You open your Facebook one fine morning and everyone’s losing sleep over the latest finale episode of a show you’ve never watched. Suddenly all your Facebook Wall shows is your friends crying over Jon Snow dying and conspiracy theorists coming to the rescue with the various interpretations the can be drawn from the finale episode.  You don’t get why Sheldon Cooper finding a girl is gasp worthy or why Barney Stinson developing actual feelings is paradigm shifting! You’re lost!




You assume things will die down in a few days but you’re so mistaken. You’re frustrated no one’s moving on from it and any and every conversation circles back to that one show you don’t watch. You’re suddenly frustrated because you can’t stop hearing how good looking Harvey Specter is or how unlucky Ted is for never finding love! What ever happened to real life problems?


The Old College Try

Finally to get onto the much hyped band wagon you decide to give that show a try. What’s the harm right? At least you’ll know whether Elena is finally dating Stefan or Damon and whether or not Rachel and Ross get together. But you have a rule- if the first episode is boring you’re not going to go through this torture again. So with a very biased opinion, you take the first season of that doggone show to finally know what the big deal is!

tumblr_inline_nszjw9HPFW1roazaf_500The Getting to Know Each Other

Admit it- you’re one episode down and it wasn’t so bad. You finally know most of the characters on the show and you’re forming your own opinions about them. You’re suddenly in love with one protagonist and loathe the other for no rhyme or reason (something that will stay on till the end of the show). But overall, the show and you are formally acquaintances!


We’re Officially in Love

Now comes the lovey dovey stage when the show and its characters finally begin to grow on you. You’ve strongly identified yourself with one of the characters and root for him or her to find true love, or in case of shows like Grey’s Anatomy root for them to stay alive! You start feeling their emotional journey as if its your own. When your favorite couple (whom you’ve been shipping in your head for months) finally get together, its as good as you finding your significant other!


Baby I’m Addicted

The show has finally planted its alien pod in your head and you’re hooked. You’re either watching back to back episodes for hours and if you’re at work or in class- your mind is wondering what the next episode has in store. You have 15 torrents on download before leaving home to make sure the new episode is available when you’re back. This might be the stage your friends are worried for you because they see so less of you!


Hate That I Love You So

You were perfectly in love with the show, everything was going great- till they decide to kill off your favorite character or throw in a twist you couldn’t have anticipated completely changing the story line. The rage and fury is immense as you try to process the emotional scars the show leaves you with. However, the sad part is that you can’t give up watching it now when things got so intriguing.

1421672184-11_giphy (1)

The End is Near

You’re down 8 seasons in less than two weeks and you know the next season won’t be coming for another few months or worse- this is the finale season! Life was so beautiful and now it’s playing a cruel joke on you.  You don’t know how you’ll survive- death would have been kinder!


The Rebound Show

Now that life practically has no meaning left, you’re lured into the darkness as a brand new show captures your fancy (maybe your friends set you up) as you struggle to move on after the harrowing experience of having to say good bye to the show you gave your heart to. And just like that your heart belongs to the new show which cannot be compared to!


TV sitcoms definitely have a way of sneaking up on you. If you’re not aware you might catch feelings bad but the entertainment and drama they provide is surely well worth it!

Author: Suruchi Sethi

Suruchi is a person with a vast and intricate background...Science..Economics...MBA...and now she's writing but the good part is she does what she enjoys. An avid reader, books keep her company most of the time! During her free time she likes watching DIY videos and try learning whatever she can no matter how crazy it seems!

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  1. another awesome content written by your team guys. cheers and keep it up.

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  4. This post covers each n every feeling, a new TV addict goes thru with perfection.

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  7. Great article! Being a sitcom lover myself, can really identify with the all the different stages!

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