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I am Aryan. I am Dravidian. I am Hindu. I am Muslim. I am Christian. I am Hindi. I am Urdu. I am Tamil also I am Telugu. I am Saffron. I am Green. I am White. I reached the Moon. I reached Mars. I saw the rise and fall of the Romans, the Egyptians and the Mesopotamians. I survived tyranny, terror and termites. I am you. I am your India. But Are You an Indian?

If you are a young man or woman in this country, you have every reason to be worried. But you have a choice. You can sit back and remain a spectator; alternately, you can join the hands and ensure that together we make a difference. Contradiction prevails because of our own “Chalta hai” attitude.

Incredible India

If there is an accident- wait for an ambulance to pick the person lying in the pool of blood, there is a pothole- blame the civic authorities, a girl is eve teased and who cares, all we do is wait for others to clean up our mess.

Only we, the youth of India can make this happen. As the nation gears up to celebrate its 66th Republic Day, we at CashKaro.com bring you such ironies that prevail deep inside our hearts.

10. Terrorists Unite Us  

Yes, we are always divided. We are Hindus, We are Muslims, We are Marathis, We are Biharis, We are Tamils, We are Telugus, but we are never an Indian. We need 10 terrorists to attack our city and kill 200 plus innocent lives to unite us altogether as Indians.


9. Clean India is only on Social Media

We put hundreds of Hashtags for Clean India and Swach Bharat Abhiyan on our Twitter and Facebook page, yet we openly litter the roads.

Clean India

8. No Food to feed the hungry but a lot to offer to God

10 million people die every year in India due to chronic hunger and hunger-related diseases. 212 million undernourished people exist in India yet we waste billion gallons of milk doing Maha-Abhishek of our gods.


 7. People fighting in the name of Geeta and Quran are the ones who have never read it

There are 3, 00,000 mosques in India (more than any country in the world) and around 6, 00, 000 temples (approx.) and we fight, kill each other for one place called Ayodhya.


6. We study to become something not to do something

India produces as many engineers as the entire population of Switzerland every year, yet we are ranked 76th in the global innovation index where Switzerland is ranked 1st.

Study become

5. We don’t read news, we read nonsense.

A country where kids ask the President and the Prime Minister about economy, employment and education while Journalists and Reporters asks about dhols, Kurta and Topis.


4. Terrorism has no religion

Hindus in our country have to prove that they are secular while the Muslims have to prove that they are patriotic. Muslims are as patriotic as Hindus and vice versa. Just take a moment to remember A P J Abdul Kalam Azad, India’s Missile Men before you say that again.

Terrorism has no religion

 3. Election Day? Just another excuse for a holiday

We blame politicians, political parties and civic authorities for every mess in our country, yet Election Day is just another holiday for us. More than 50% of people living in the four metro cities- Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata and Chennai never vote.


2. Rape is just another story

We march to India Gate holding candles in our hand when Nirbhaya is brutally raped and killed. Yet a pornstar remains the most searched celebrity in India on Google for 3 consecutive years.

Rape Protest

1.. We Google Kailash Satyarthi

We feel proud that Kailash Satyarthi, an Indian, wins Nobel Peace Prize but yet we dare to say, “Chotu, Ek Cup Chai Lana.” And let me enlighten your brains if you still don’t know that he won the Nobel Peace Prize for fighting his entire life against child labour. 60 million children in our country do labour day and night in dhabha’s, hotels, factories and mines.



“Great Things are not done by impulse, but by a series of small things brought together”

Stand Up  & Lead Your Nation !

Author: Arun Agrawal

Arun, the Content Manager sure knows his way around to get his Content Writers churn out Content, bribing them with samosas and pizzas and lots more. In the core, Arun is an enthusiastic guy with great ideas and an even better sense of writing stuff. A hard core NaMo and Deepika Padukone fan, this guy is simple and crazy. Follow him on - , Facebook, Twitter

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  2. Everyone should read this blog and think about these at least once…. great thoughts & Superb blog @Arun :-)

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