Peshawar Massacre; 9/11, 26/11. Had Enough Already?

For how long will innocent people and children suffer for politics and religion? People who slaughter children in the name of God have no right to talk about politics or religion. This is all what might as well be called adversary publicity, moving over the picket line. History witnessed everything through the Twentieth Century. What’s more now left to see on the 21st Century? Now is the ideal time to stand up, understand and realize, that we ought NOT permit ourselves to be packed into this maze of lies and deception. Never give in to this system of dehumanization called “TERRORISM” in the name of liberation.


The death and bloodshed of 132 school children in Pakistan is the perfect incident to be concerned about what’s happening in this world, be concerned with the structure, with the systems of control. Those that control your life and those that look forward to control it EVEN MORE!

Terrorism children

FREEDOM! That’s what everybody wants, but it’s a FAR CRY. It’s dependent upon every single one of us to turn detached of only a portion of this voracity, the scorn, the jealousy, and yes, the insecurities, on the grounds that that is the focal mode of control, which make us feel unfortunate, little, so we’ll eagerly surrender our power, our freedom, our fate.

peshayar children massacre

We have GOT to acknowledge that only we have the power to and we should try to change this madhouse into the century of subjugation and not the century of falsehoods and issues of no significance, of classism, statism and terrorism and all whatever is left of the modes of control.

When will this world of quarrel and Hypocrisy blossom into a time of mankind? Ask yourself this question when will we stand up for something pure and something right?

Pakishtan massacre

What a pack of junk these political and religious leaders are. They are all here to control our lives. The TRUTH is out there before us, yet they lay out this smorgasbord of LIES! DON’T TAKE A BITE OUT OF IT! Safety is NOT worthless, we’re going to win this thing, humanity is excessively great and we’re not a bunch of selfish people offering our condolences and doing nothing about it. Wake up and do what it takes to bring about change, if required try till the time you die and get angry about what really matters and that is “HUMANITY” and “KINDNESS” and it doesn’t matter what religion you are from.

 Every individual has the capability to make a difference. Don’t see yourselves as the victim of various forces and never forget that it is always our decision to assure who we are.

United We Stand, Divided We Fall

Author: Mishuk Das

Say hello to this crazy bong from the city of joy, Kolkata. Well, he can be spotted frequently in Vrindavan chanting Hare Krishna with Foreigners. Recently Mishuk landed in Jatland Gurgaon and loves to write content with zeal and passion. Stay tuned to this Pink Floyd lover for funny and crazy posts. Follow him on - , Facebook, Twitter

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  1. There are times which bring the entire human race together. Now the time has come to think and act. India stands united. Good to see legitimate reasons raised in the blog putting aside the difference we share with our neighbors.

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  2. Beautifully written with a great message.

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  3. Looks like terrorists have done 2 strikes outside Girls college in Khyber (Pak) again. Their audacity is disgusting

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  4. This is just slaughtering of the children ,this is not what is called religion, now its high time, Pakistan must realize that this is there own war. People need to stand up together and fight , mourning for three days will not make any difference… those souls….!!!

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  5. Very well written :) (Y)

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