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It does not take much time for the ‘Dimaag ki Batti’ to light up when you are managing your way around the semesters in college or if you have just sailed through the extremely tormenting graduation. That is what life is all about, after you have graduated or are still graduating. There’s no job, there comes no money, there’s less food to hog on, there are parents poking you to do some good for your life and there will be a girlfriend who expects a date on every occasion! Life will seem like a hell and you feel as if all the pressures of life have been custom fitted with state of the art GPS systems, to track you down and haunt you, till you give up and succumb.


internsHonestly, this is the life story of an average (also spelt as ‘every’) student, graduating year after year. We get out of college, do an internship or two, earn a couple of thousand bucks, spend almost every penny of earnings on cigarettes, booze, pizza and t-shirts, then roam around in ultimate ‘gareebi’ and frustration (for not finding that 5 figure salary).

This is far from what you’d actually want to do? Of course all of us dream about handing over the first pay cheque to the parents, buying your siblings the phones they always wanted, buying yourselves a new pair of                           (Source: David Fitzsimmons)                               Adidas Originals or even taking your lovely partner out                                                                                                          on a date. But alas! All this ain’t happening right?

internWhat if you can actually get a great internship/job offer, what if you can buy gifts for your loved ones for a cheap deal, what if you get exclusive deals on the countless mobile recharges you do, what if you get extra miles on every cab ride you book, what if you get extra cashback every time you shop?

Read on to know how Letsintern and have a full proof plan to get millions of students like you and me, out of the dug deep pit of ‘berozgari’ and ‘gareebi’.

Like every Marvel Comics, here’s a saviour of an opportunity to all your spending woes. While all of you are scratching your heads to decode this one, let us introduce you to two start-ups from very different backgrounds and their solution to finding a job, earning some stipend, shopping, saving and earning back some cashback on the money you spent.

Letsintern and will soon be seen together to get you out of all the mess, with Letsintern providing you the best work opportunities of your lives (a solution to your first problem) while the latter, will help you shop, save and earn money on shopping online (a solution to your spending woes).

The programme will help a lot many people to get over some of the most haunting tensions of their life like getting a job and shopping, saving etc. All one needs to do is, simply register oneself at and Letsintern at one go and be introduced to a whole lot of job opportunities and shopping extravaganza. On joining Letsintern, one of the best internships provider in India using a dedicated link you can automatically sign-up at, India’s largest Cashback and Coupons website and earn a Joining Bonus to shop, save and earn online.

Addictive deals & offers by for users; now get EXTRA CASHBACK & FREE COUPONS on online recharge, shopping etc., India’s largest & fastest growing Cashback & Coupons site has entered into a strategic partnership with and offers Rs 25/- as JOINING BONUS to every user who signs-up.

Author: Reuben Varghese

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