It’s official! Women are drawing lines!

It’s time to breathe a new life in your wardrobe by getting your hands on the latest Fashion trend i.e. stripes! And before you shrug off your shoulders and dismiss stripes as just a basic and boring style, hear me out ladies! They have not just bombarded the runaways but have also crept their way in the closets of celebrities, prominent fashion bloggers and every day girls too for the sheer reason of getting a remix this season. The style can be seen just all over the entire place! Besides having a visually slimming effect, they also work great as a base under various solid ensembles. Nautical or colored, thick or thin, bold or basic; sport the hottest trend of this season the way you like. Here are some ways for you to rock this trend:

1)    Bag the bag!

-         One of the easiest ways to sport this trend is by getting a striped bag. Favour a black and white striped bag to complete your monochrome look or go for the neon lime bag with stripes to add a punch of color in the most subtle way.

Final- Bagsstriped


1. Nike Legend Track Tote (Koovs) 2. New Look Stripe Detail Envelope Bag (Koovs) 3. South Beach Rope Bag (Koovs) 4. P.H.A.T Black White Stripe Bag (Jabong) 5. P.H.A.T. Multi Color Stripes Bag (Jabong)

2)    Vertical stripes

-         Apart from giving the illusion of a slimmer body, vertical stripes are also known to add a few inches to your height. Throw away those 5 inches heels that elongate your height in the most painful way. Instead go for apparels that have thin vertical stripes.

Final- Vetical


1. Vero Moda Stripes Shirt (Jabong) 2. Cinnamon Blac Striped Shirt (Jabong) 3. Vero Moda Striped Top (Koovs) 4. Koovs Panelled Bodycon Dress 5. New Look Shirt Dress (Jabong)

3)    Horizontal stripes

-         Horizontal stripes are notorious for making you look like you gained some pounds. So wear them with caution. They aren’t very flattering on wide women and therefore should be avoided. However a lot also depends on the fabric and fit of clothes. Wearing horizontal stripes in fabrics that provide a lean look is a great way of sporting them. Some fabrics that will make you look thinner are spandex and viscose.

Final- Horizontal


1. The Gud Look Bodycon Dress (Jabong) 2. People Multi Striped Blouse (Jabong) 3. Koovs Stripe Pencil Maxi Skirt 4. Dorothy Perkins Skater Dress (Jabong) 5. Vero Moda White Striped Shirt (Jabong)

4)    Mix of patterns

-         Since the approach on incorporating stripes this season is very fresh, take cues from the runaway inspired looks. Ditch those traditional stripes and mix it up by adding depth to your striped outfit in forms of color, direction and fabric. Black and white is an easier combination to work with when working with different patterns. Prints and plaid is one pairing which works great together. If the colors of different prints complement each other, it gets easier. Just ensure that you don’t wear too many colors here or the end result might be you looking sloppy because of your outfit getting a little busy.

Final- Mixed patterns stripes


1. Forever New Floral Print Dress (Koovs) 2. Vero Moda Shift Dress (Jabong) 3. Vero Moda Striped Skater Dress (Jabong) 4. Koovs Pineapple Print Dress 5. Striped Maxi Dress (Jabong)

5)    Camouflage and highlight

-         If you have a pear body shape, go for a dress with a mash-up of vertical and diagonal stripes. It’s better to avoid striped bottoms so as to not highlight your curvy hips. If you have a top hourglass body shape, it is best to go for a top that has vertical stripes to give the illusion of a slim upper body area. Mix and match with stripes as per your body figure.

Final - C&H


1. Koovs Graduated Stripes Maxi Dress 2. Tshirt Company Grey Colored Striped Dress (Jabong) 3. Tshirt Company Black Striped Dress (Jabong) 4. Mango Striped Flowy Shirt (Jabong) 5. Dorothy Perkins Keyhole Dress (Jabong)

6)    Colored stripes

-         Not because black and white stripes are passé, but because it is fun to take the road less travelled! Opt for playful shades of orange, red, blue to don a bright multicolored striped outfit. The key element here is to keep your makeup and accessories subtle lest you end up looking like a 13 year old teenage girl. Neutral shoes can be your best friends here!

Final- Colored


1. Vero Moda Bold Stripes Skater Dress (Koovs) 2. Firsti & I Stripe Knit Top (Koovs) 3. Soie Pink Printed Shirt (Jabong) 4. Only Striped Crop Top (Koovs) 5. Vero Moda Yellow Striped T-shirt (Jabong)

7)    Metallic and stripes

-         What’s the other big thing this season? Metallic! And what better way to show the real fashionista that you are by combining the two hottest trends of this season! Dazzle everyone next time you arrive at a party by sporting a shimmery stripes outfit.  Unfortunately, I only have one outfit to show for this category.

asos stripes shimmery dress 9

8)    Bold stripes

-         It’s time to throw your shyness in the bin and step out by flaunting a newer bolder you! Wear a floor length dress with wide stripes and should an entire bold stripes outfit intimidate you, inject a small dose of bold stripes in your outfit by going for a top. Play less with accessories here as you will already be making a statement with your brave attire.

Final- Bold


1. La Arista White Striped Shirt (Jabong) 2. New Look Stripe Maxi Dress (Koovs) 3. AX PARIS Striped Neck Midi Dress (Koovs) 4. Pera Doce Blue Skater Dress (Jabong) 5. Vero Moda Kimono (Koovs)

9)    Striped shoes

-         For the shoe aficionados! Go for shoes with stripes to add a finishing touch to a solid outfit. Up the ante by adorning your feet with chic heels or go for a casual look by sporting espadrilles by Koovs.

Final- SHoes


1. CUPIDITY Monochrome Ballerinas (Koovs) 2. KERKED Striped Espadrilles (Koovs) 3. VANS Striped Shoes (Koovs) 4. OASIS Striped Slipper Flats (Koovs) 

10)  Nails makeover

-         Rainbow stripes, monochromatic stripes or pastel stripes; it couldn’t get more interesting for nail art lovers to flaunt this trend!

beautiful stripes nail art tape


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Author: Heena

While some people love to collect coins and marbles, Heena loves to collect all things girly and cute! She is a content writer at CashKaro and often likes to lose herself in good books. Besides that, she’s a glutton and likes to visit new food outlets as and when she can.

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