India And The World In 2014

Heads of States, Presidents and Prime Ministers from America to Australia, Europe to Eurasia were never seen such enthusiast to meet a person  representing the hopes and ambitions of 1.23 billion people in the planet,comprising the world’s largest middle class and intellectual force of doctors, engineers, IT professionals and scientists.

India’s foreign policy was never featured prominently until a man called Narendra Damodardas Modi,sworn in as the Prime Minister of the Republic of India. He brought adventurism to the silent foreign policy of the world’s largest democracy. Ministry of Foreign Affairs became one of the most active and crucial department rejuvenating the old legacy left behind by Nehru and Indira Gandhi.


Ministry of Foreign Affairs was playing it very well as India was signing oil exploration treaty with Vietnam on disputed South China Sea at the same time, when Chinese President Xi Jinping was visiting India. salutes the spirit of our Prime Minister and Ministry of Foreign Affairs for reviving the interest of India across the planet. We at CashKaro bring you all the major decisions and ties up that took place between Indian and the world in the year 2014.

Neighbourhood First Policy

One of the major policy initiatives taken by Prime Minister Modi was to bring back focus on its immediate neighbours in the South Asia. It started well by inviting the heads of the SAARC countries for the swearing-in ceremony of the Prime Minister. Modi’s addressal to the Constituent Assembly of Nepal and Parliament of Bhutan brought new heights in the diplomatic fronts. He announced a special SAARC Satellite Programme. It was a significant change in India’s approach to reset his priorities by actively engaging regional players.

Indo Bhutan

Act East Policy: Beware Dragon, India has changed

India turned its “Look East” policy into “Act East Policy” in the year 2014. Government of India made it clear that it would focus actively to improve its relation with the ASEAN (Association of Southeast Asia Nations) countries. It was a major decision taken in order to counter China by engaging countries like Japan, Vietnam, Indonesia and Philippines in the disputed South China Sea. India went ahead to strengthen its relationship and even held India Pacific Conference inviting all such countries setting aside all the concerns raised by China.


What happens in the Middle East doesn’t stays now in the Middle East

From inactive to proactive mode, India has turned on its strategic button in the entire Middle East region. In the year 2014, Government of India under Modi took a major decision to send INS Mysore, guided missile destroyer to the Persian Gulf in order to rescue Indian citizens held hostage by the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria. Indeed a bold step, never expected from India before 2014!

Middle East

India and United States of America

The unscripted decision taken by US President Barrack Obama to accompany Modi to the memorial of Martin Luther King Jr  throws  light on the success of Modi’s visit to America. Governments of India and United States together agreed to facilitate necessary actions in order to increase bilateral trade from $100 billion to $500 billion in the next five year. Obama hosted a rare dinner for Modi at White House signalling US government’s will to enhance ties with the Asiatic power. Obama became the first US President to accept the invitation by Modi to grace the 66th Republic Day celebrations as the Chief Guest.


India and Russia

Russia has always been a close and strategic ally of India for half a century. 2014 brought the two countries really close when Russian President Putin visited India and met Prime Minister Modi. Both  leaders promised to increase trade to US$ 30 billion by 2025. Russia also vowed to install 10 more nuclear power reactors in next 20 years and agreed for a joint feasibility study of building a gas pipeline to India. Russia remained India’s top defence partner as it pledged to develop a joint platform to enhance Sukhoi 30 MKI fighter planes.

Indo Russia

India and Japan

Indo-Japan relations never saw such cordial and warm exchange of gestures until Prime Minister Modi and Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe met each other. Japan and India agreed to strengthen defence ties as Asia’s second and third largest economies keep a wary eye on a rising China. Japan promised to double its investment in India by $34 billion over the next five years. India went on to criticize the 18th century expansionist policy in a veiled reference to China, with which India shares long disputed border.

Indo Japan

India and Pakistan

It started with the warm exchange of gestures when Prime Minister of Pakistan, Nawaz Sharif accepted Modi’s invitation to attend the latter’s swearing-in ceremony. But due to recent cease fire violations by Pakistan, Indian Defence Forces were given a free hand to give a befitting reply. The cancellation of foreign minister level talks over Pakistan’s engagement with separatist was indeed a bold move.

Indo Pak

BRICS 2014

In a major victory for India, the BRICS Summit decided to establish the New Development Bank with an  authorized capital of USD 100 billion shared equally by the member nation. India played a leading role in the entire Summit that compelled leaders of the free world to take an impromptu decision to have bilateral meetings with the Prime Minister Modi.

BRICS 2014

G20: India was heard

Driven by a strong political will to bring back black money, Prime Minister Narendra Modi successfully brought the entire world to share a single vision. On his advice, G20 included certain clause in the final Leaders’ Communique that will make it difficult for tax havens to give complete tax exemption to companies.


Prime Minister’s “India First Videsh Neeti” established India as the key player in the strategic transformation of power in the entire South Asia Region.Prime Minister Modi visited several foreign trips to foster ties with major countries of the world in the year 2014. Every day somewhere, some major event was taking place strengthening the diplomatic front of India.

If you ask me about the year 2014, then I would tell you that it’s the first time the entire world started taking us seriously. Yes we have the power to make wonders and it’s time we prove it. wishes you a very Happy New Year !

Author: Arun Agrawal

Arun, the Content Manager sure knows his way around to get his Content Writers churn out Content, bribing them with samosas and pizzas and lots more. In the core, Arun is an enthusiastic guy with great ideas and an even better sense of writing stuff. A hard core NaMo and Deepika Padukone fan, this guy is simple and crazy. Follow him on - , Facebook, Twitter

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