Discounts Ka Baap:

During this maha festival known as the “Great Online Shopping Festival”, participating online retailers will be bombarding their customers with tons of discounts. Often people end up thinking that there are enough online sales and enough coupon codes available for all retailers, but in reality that’s not true coz ‘’The Ultimate Discounts” are yet to come.

Keep visiting our exclusive page on GOSF 2014 on an early basis to find great Discount Coupons and Extra Cashback intended specifically for this festival. Yes! Unlike our competitors we provide coupons along with Ekshtra Cashback. Samjhe Babua?

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Top Retailers:

Well we all know the top retailers participating in this year’s GOSF, but the fact is that almost every retailer on Indian Cyber Space is going to take part. However, here are a few popular retailers to mark their presence:


When Will It Start?

The countdown has already begun and it’s going to be launched at 10th December 2014 and will last till 12th December 2014. Don’t forget to keep visiting our website for regular updates to bring you the best deal for your favorite retailer. Also, don’t forget that we have Cashback in store for you. Simply sign in to CashKaro, shop via us and Shazam! You have Cashback.


Where to Find all The Discount Coupons, Codes and Cashback?

Wait is this even a question? It’s obvious that all of the above can be found on our exclusive GOSF 2014 page which will be continuously updated throughout the festival to help you make the most out of the ‘Great Indian Shopping Festival’. Nobody helps you save better than CashKaro.com.


Author: Mishuk Das

Say hello to this crazy bong from the city of joy, Kolkata. Well, he can be spotted frequently in Vrindavan chanting Hare Krishna with Foreigners. Recently Mishuk landed in Jatland Gurgaon and loves to write content with zeal and passion. Stay tuned to this Pink Floyd lover for funny and crazy posts. Follow him on - , Facebook, Twitter

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