Girl Breaks Up With Boyfriend For Not Letting Her Shop Through CashKaro

The influence of CashKaro is beginning to have a drastic impact on the daily lives of online shoppers. A quite shocking instance has come to light recently where a 22 year old girl named Monnot Bhingla broke up with her boyfriend for not letting her shop through after she came across a recent deal on our website.

cashkaro influence

When we asked her about the reason for making such an intense stride Monnot replied “I wanted to recharge my phone, but I required some amazing deal and I came across the Paytm Recharge Coupons showcased at At first I couldn’t believe my eyes that there could be some offers on a mobile recharge. However, CashKaro totally had my attention when I saw that they offer extra Cashback every time you recharge your phone. After checking out this awesome deal, I was totally convinced that I should not only recharge my phone on Paytm through CashKaro, but shop online as well. ” So what made you break up with your boyfriend? “ Well I came across some great deals on handbags and shoes as well and I wanted to buy them through your site, but he wouldn’t let me and I couldn’t keep myself from the frenzy that CashKaro created in my mind with all that the site offers. Discount coupons, deals, offers , price comparison on top of extra Cashback , who wouldn’t get amazed by all these and I had no other option but to temporarily dump my boyfriend even though It was totally unexpected and we had gone a long way”.

shopping breakup

We thought that we should not allow such a thing to happen so we managed to contact her boyfriend Jueven Farjis, who was pretty guilty about whatever happened. He said “I know I made a mistake. I thought CashKaro is not a genuine website, but I was misinformed. After my girlfriend, broke up with me to shop online through CashKaro and get Cashback, I tried you guys out too and I was really amazed to find out that I got the best deals and discounts that are not available in any other coupon site. This opened my eyes and I’m presently suffering from chronic depression for being so stupid”. CashKaro made sure that his depression was gone soon so we made them hook up again.


CashKaro made sure that they have a happy ending and will always thrive to make online shoppers have a happy shopping experience every time they shop online via us. Don’t forget that we have the most awesome discount coupons, amazing deals, great offers and extra Cashback only for you. Give us a try and you will find out what the joy of shopping online with CashKaro really is. Yes! We will manage to create a shopping frenzy every time with all that we have to offer.

What are you waiting for? Shop today and share with us your unique shopping experience at CashKaro in the comment section below.

Author: Mishuk Das

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