Dude! I am hungry, let’s order something!

Situation 1:

It’s a dizzy Monday morning, you miss breakfast, hell lot of pending mails to reply to and your stars do not seem to be aligned in a way you would want them to be. Nothing seems to be going your way and suddenly your poor little tummy grumbles, calling out for food!

Situation 2:

It’s still a dizzy Monday morning, you miss breakfast, a row of history lectures scheduled for the day which is nothing less than a torture and hence you bunk your classes and end up chilling at a friend’s flat. Being there, you have nothing but scrolling through Facebook and Youtube to do. And then you hear your tummy making weird sounds calling out for food!

Now, at work, the hectic schedule won’t even let you make a 2 minute Maggi for yourselves and while at your college friend’s flat, it turns out that the so called kitchen is now a store room stocked with books, broken television sets and dead rats.

Well, you do not let the tummy starve till lunch as your tummy will eventually find its way around to avenge (You DO NOT want to be stuck in the loo with those loosies, do you?).

What do you do in such a situation? You could possibly step out and grab a bite from the nearest outlet. But you wouldn’t want to step out under the burning sun nor is it guaranteed that you will get what you want to eat! Dude, let’s order something!

Mad Over Donuts

modTurn your hectic day into a sweet one! M.O.D or Mad Over Donuts, acclaimed with making donuts popular in the Indian cities, has a wonderful range of savoury donuts lined-up to brighten your mood or your boss’s, as a matter of fact. The Dark Knight and the Double Trouble are guaranteed to make you happy, shining and smiling.


Domino’s Pizza

pizzaWhether it’s the heat or the rain, traffic or a strike, no one can stop your hot and fresh pizza from reaching you within just 30 minutes. When your tummy begins to rumble-roll, simply order for your favourite pizza and sit back with the television remote. 16 different varieties of pizza and more yummy sides are on their way to you.


kfcThe masses, who loved their ‘butter chicken’ or ‘tandoori chicken’, were taken aback when KFC launched their half-a-century old fried chicken technology and burgers in urban India. Yes, technology! As I haven’t had anything even a mile closer to the KFC fried chicken – a perfectly crispy yet tender chicken treat.

KrushersThey have the Fiery Grilled chicken to spice up your taste buds and the craziest Krushers to freeze you up. You cannot miss the Chocopeanut Bolt, filled with chocolate cookies, peanut butter and chocolate syrup.



mc donaldsDon’t worry if you missed your breakfast! McDonald’s always available breakfast menu is enough to get you going on. So much that you may always want to have another one. Not to forget the regular menu which also has the popular McGrill burgers and the juicy Wraps in store!

Dig into a Chicken McGrill or the Spicy Paneer Wrap and a McFlurry Oreo later. You won’t feel hungry ever again!


rollmaalIf you are starving and stressed up at the same time, Rollmaal is where you order your treat from. The rolls joint has quite a unique concept where you get to make your roll, just the way you want it to be! First you choose your Roll and then the Maal (filling) that has to go inside.

Rollmaal also offers house cooked rolls such as the Jugadu Maal or the Kifayaati Maal (all twisted but innovatively named). Choosing and ordering your pick does sound fun here!

Johnny Rockets

johny rocketsFill your tummy with an all-American mouth-watering menu of burgers, shakes, sandwiches, salads and more. Your tummies might just be a bit small for the 1/3 pound original American burgers or the thick and slurpy shakes filled with whipped cream.

Johnny Rockets isn’t just about burgers! Delicious offerings lined-up with sides, cheese steaks and hot dogs can make you unable to resist another bite.

FoodPandaOrder your favourite food from the hottest kitchens around you from Foodpanda! And double the treat on shopping for the best Foodpanda deals and discounts when you shop from CashKaro.com and get additional Cashback of upto Rs.135 on every purchase over Rs.300! Happy hogging!

Author: Reuben Varghese

He be the stupid yet dexterous Content writer, with a great sense of humor in anything and everything. A hard core foody by heart, he knows nothing beyond chilling (also read as lazing) around, playing pranks, being funny, being cheesy and photography. He dreams high and the International Space Station is the limit for him. Follow me on - , Facebook, Twitter Love.Light.Peace.Amen.

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  1. Not cool.

    All this American junk food sucks and bad for health.

    Most of people eat this shit food for a status symbols.

    Desi food rocks, Desi for life.

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    • Ryan…I am a big time desi foodie myself! But, i don’t mind having the ‘American’junk food once in a while. Having them regularly sure is bad, but i don’t think they suck at all! :P
      By the way what would be your perfect idea to satisfying that sudden crunch one has when in office? I’d like to know..

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    • What’s your favorite out of the lot Manjulika?

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