Clash of The Titans

Very few things in life bring a genuine smile on our face and lift the dust that settles on our soul. One thing that definitely tickles everyone’s rib cage is sitcoms. We all have one favourite show or character that lights us up no matter what and nothing matches the sheer joy of watching our favourite sitcoms back to back.

There are two epic characters that have always had an immense fan following- Barney Stinson and Sheldon Cooper. They’re both their shows break out characters and are majorly the reason their respective shows are such a hit. Barney is the cool, suave and sophisticated lady’s man while Sheldon is a genius Theoretical Physicist struggling to understand the ways of life.

Have you ever thought what will happen if these two were to have a conversation? I guess this is how things would turn out:


The Legendary Duel




Teaching The Ways of Life



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Can I Be Your Bro?




 The Drinking Game

Barney Stinson wedding morning hangover 2014-compressed



To High-Five or Not




Being Sad




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And Ofcourse….Suit Up!




All said and done, both Barney and Sheldon are extremely lovable and it would be next to impossible to pick who’s the better character. Let’s just call it a truce and say they’re both awesome!!

Author: Suruchi Sethi

Suruchi is a person with a vast and intricate background...Science..Economics...MBA...and now she's writing but the good part is she does what she enjoys. An avid reader, books keep her company most of the time! During her free time she likes watching DIY videos and try learning whatever she can no matter how crazy it seems!

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  1. They can’t be compared. They both are fab.

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    • Awesome article suruchi! Almost pictured them together in a show :D legen darryy!

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  2. Awwwww…. cool. Good job

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  3. hahaha, this was really funny! *Legen, wait for it – daryy!* :D

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