Celebrity Hacks For Sunglasses to get You Through the Summer!

With the scorching summers, billowing hot winds and temperature as hot as hell; there is one accessory you definitely need in your wardrobe this season- Sunglasses! Be it men or women, sunglasses play an important role and give a distinct edge to your overall attire. Not only are they healthy for the eyes by protecting them from cruel sun rays but also add oodles of oomph to the uber cool look you want to pull off.

It’s often a tedious task to find a perfect pair of sunglasses that aren’t too big and tacky especially for men who just end up looking like lecherous pedophiles if they hide their eyes behind massive shades. Maybe sunglasses or shades have something to do with the moniker “shady character” for men who seem to leer at women behind the protection of their mighty shades.

It’s always an added advantage to have a few pairs of sunglasses handy for different moods- the tinted ones, the tacky ones, the massive ones and the classy ones! For girls sunglasses can even play the role of a headband and give an added edge to her over all look.

We usually look up to celebrities to follow their fashion style tips be it in clothes, shoes or even glasses. Deepika made the nerd look extremely cool in “Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani” with the thick rimmed glasses and don’t even get me started on the rage Salman generated with his sunglasses in “Dabangg”.

Here are a few iconic looks sported by celebrities both in movies and otherwise, to help you in your tiresome journey to find the perfect shades for different occasions:


Robert Downey Jr.

He is the epitome of sass, sarcasm and wit with a cult following and admirers from across the globe. Be it his charm and sass in Sherlock Holmes or his playboy, spoilt brat rendition in The Avengers, he’s carved a niche for himself in Hollywood with his enigmatic persona and style. I think the one song that can sum up his nonchalant attitude in life is “Shake It Off” by Taylor Swift! (Can’t you just imagine RDJ grooving to haters gonna hate hate hate…?) He usually has a quirky fashion sense on the Red Carpets and has made a variety of sun glasses look cool. Be sure to add a pair or two from his collection to your sunglasses fiesta this summer.

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Leonardo Dicaprio

He’s a star apart. No amount of words can sum up this guy’s acting chops as he ends up leaving you speechless with every movie. (well sometimes also because you didn’t really follow the movie *clears throat Inception, Shutter Island, cough*..and you don’t want to come across as a numb nut!) Maybe that’s the reason he doesn’t win an Oscar because his movies are too intelligent for the Jury who’re still in love with him for his portrayal of Jack. (The “Don’t Let Go” stint was for Rose, not you guys, so just let his Titanic role go and give that man an Oscar already!)

Anyhoo when he’s not busy saving damsels in distress on sinking ships; he’s busy winning our hearts with his super cool looks in movies like The Wolf of Wall Street and Blood Diamond making sunglasses look bad ass at a whole new level. Be sure to take some style tips off this guy since he spends time dating Victoria’s Secrets models when he’s not making movies!


Audrey Hepburn

She is a timeless and ageless classic. You can’t help but fall in love with her with her endearing portrayal of a Princess on a day off in A Roman Holiday and you just can’t get enough of her child like charm in Breakfast at Tiffany’s where she just couldn’t be bothered to name her cat and ended up calling it….well cat! She became an icon of fashion in that beautiful black gown, statement necklace, beehive bun and of course the enormous sunglasses beautifully framing her face.

The movie and attire maybe a bit old fashioned but her iconic sunglasses can still be worn even today by teaming them up with casual jeans and heels for that ultra chic look.

holly golightly audrey hepburn in breakfast at tiffany's


Tom Cruise

And then we have Tom Cruise who has made a lot of sunglasses popular in various movies. Be it the super cool agent Ethan Hawke in the Mission Impossible series where his glasses do the impossible mission of reading out missions to him (maybe that’s where Google got inspiration for Google Glass) or be it his portrayal of Joel Goodson in Risky Business with his heart warming smile and swanky glasses, or be it the super-hot aviator in Top Gun, he surely has a place in our hearts and his glasses have a place on our face!

He’s made sunglasses a symbol of style and it’ll surely add to your wardrobe to take some style tips from this dude.

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That Hangover Baby

Who said only grownups have a copy right on trends? That clueless baby Tyler in The Hangover just took style up by a million notches and totally owned the bad ass look. He looked so good and chic, he could have given Barney Stinson a lesson in the “Who’s Your Daddy” department. He made a comeback in the third installment as well (in yet another ultra smart pair of glasses) which I think is the only reason that installment was bearable!

Next time you shop for sunglasses, don’t just buy them for yourself- this little punk proved even kids can be style icons and give your little one the most devil- may-care make over!



Sunglasses have the magical power to empower you and have the ability to give you a complete makeover. Beat the heat this summer in style and add a few pair of sunglasses to your wardrobe to complete the showstopper look and make the world your personalized ramp to let the world know you’ve arrived!

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