CashKaro: A fantasy come true for all shopaholics!

Three months back when I wasn’t familiar with CashKaro, this was the usual shopping scenario with me:

*Mumbling to self while standing in a queue to the payment counter*

Wow! I have got such pretty clothes today!  These shoes will go perfectly with my pink jeans!

And, Oooh! This bracelet makes my hand look gorgeous.

But I will have to make more space today in my wardrobe for these beauties. Sigh!

Oh My God! I have nothing to wear for my Saturday outing! But maybe I can wear that Black.. yes!

Maybe I should become an assistant buyer. People will pay me to shop!

I almost clap at my brilliant idea when I realize people are staring at my sheepishly smiling face. Thankfully, my turn comes by then and I’m saved from any further embarrassment.

Cashier: The bill is Rs.5000, mam.

Me (shocked): What? But didn’t I shop for stuff worth Rs.7000?

Cashier: Yes, but there’s a discount on these items and the discount tags are not present on them. So, you couldn’t know it.

Me (still in shock by this act of kindness): Oh! That’s great!

Cashier: Here’s your bill, mam! And, here’s an Rs.600 voucher to redeem on your next purchase!

I go numb for a second. The very next moment, I want to sing and dance. But instead, I take a heavy breath and with extreme difficulty, keep myself looking relaxed. I pay the cashier and  thank him with an innocent smile.

Ladies and Gentlemen, this now happens with me every time I shop with CashKaro!

I met my love CashKaro 3 months back and never has my relationship with it turned bad. Not even for once! In fact, I have only experienced pure moments of joy like purchasing my favourite bag with a huge discount, buying those orange leather shoes on an awesome deal, gifting not one, but three gorgeous sarees to my mom because of great discounts and getting that floral print top with lace detailing for my 5 year old niece with a Rs.200 cashback.

Plus, there are extra benefits with it like:

-          Access to a wider variety of brands

-          No long queues.

-          No scorching sun to bear.

-          No terms and condition on the cash back.

-          No extra money to pay for like travelling and parking charges.

-          No tiredness due to going from one shop to another.

-          No waiting for a trip to the trial room.

-          Bigger discounts.

-          Donating saved cash to the needy ones.

-          Shopping from your bedroom in your PJs!

And, the biggest benefit I  get is that I am paid to shop!



These words are coming straight from the heart of someone who seriously thinks that shopping is an art and that CashKaro has made her an artist!

If you still haven’t tried CashKaro, you are missing out on a great joy!

Author: Heena

While some people love to collect coins and marbles, Heena loves to collect all things girly and cute! She is a content writer at CashKaro and often likes to lose herself in good books. Besides that, she’s a glutton and likes to visit new food outlets as and when she can.

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