Can Airplanes Mysteriously Disappear in Thin Air?

After the mysterious disappearance of flight MH370, yet another aviation disaster has taken place. Air Asia flight 8501 carrying 162 people has gone missing for more than 24 hours now. The obvious question that arises is what is happening to these flights? And why are they disappearing without any trace? Based on information from satellites it is suspected that the flight crashed somewhere in the remote areas of the southern Indian ocean and just like the Malaysian flight there are no traces of wreckage as of yet.

last signal of Air Asia

Even though all possibilities are mere speculations as both of the flights disappearance remains to be a mystery as of yet, here are a few previously speculated conspiracy theories that might have contributed to the disappearance of the missing flight MH370. Due to lack of evidence, by nature it remains to be questions that are still unanswered.

Was the plane Hijacked?

According to a Russian newspaper the plane was hijacked and kept hidden in a small village in Afghanistan. A military source stated that “Pilots are not liable; the plane was commandeered by obscure terrorists. We realize that the name of the terrorist who offered guidelines to pilots is ‘Hitch’.”However, others have speculated that the passengers have been kept as hostage in mud huts near the Pakistan border. Please follow the link for further reference.

Did Aliens abduct them?

According to a survey a vast majority of people around the world believe that the plane was abducted by aliens. According to a video posted on YouTube, there is evidence based on radar data that shows that there was an UFO in Malaysian airspace the night MH370 disappeared. For further reference please view the video below that shows Radar Playback of the moment Malaysia flight 370 vanished.

Another Bermuda Triangle?

It is speculated that maybe there is another Bermuda Triangle that might have been created out of nowhere. Even if it is widely considered to be an impossible fact that MH370 disappeared on the exact opposite side of the Bermuda Triangle, well unfortunately it’s just a myth.

Bermuda triangle malaysia flight

Was it blown to Kingdom come?

According to a book named as Flight MH370, it states that the missing Malaysian airplane may have been shot down by US-Thai joint strike contenders in a military practice in the South China Sea. The book additionally professes that the salvage teams were deliberately sent in the wrong course as a feature of concealment, for further reference please click here.

Somebody hacked in to the plane’s computer?

Could it be possible that some high tech hacker hacked into the flight’s computer and programmed it to land on some Terrorist base? Or it could have been made to crash by a cyber hijack, we never know.

Harry Potter’s invisibility cloak covered the plane?

As per reports, 20 representatives of Freescale Semiconductor, an organization that creates cloaking were travelling in the Mh370 when it turned to be missing. It is one of the speculated theories that the plane may have been turned invisible and landed at some unknown place, potentially at the US Air Force base in Diego Garcia that is near the Indian Ocean territory.

May be the CIA is behind it?

Malaysia’s previous head administrator, Mahathir Mohamad, stated that he accepts that the US Central Intelligence Agency must know something about the plane’s destiny. He additionally guaranteed that Boeing, the plane’s manufacturer have the capacity take control of business aerial shuttles, for example, the missing Boeing 777 remotely if it’s a matter of grave importance.

Is there a weapon beyond the realm of reason?

Can there be a weapon that is completely new, secretive and the influential energy is grinding away on our planet which can cull planes out of the sky without abandoning even a fragment of proof?. On the off chance that a weapon equipped for making a plane vanish without being does exist, then “whoever controls it as of now can rule the majority of Earth’s countries with a fearsome military weapon of incredible force.

air asia missing plane

Keeping in mind that a conspiracy theory is a paranoid idea of an informative recommendation that denounces two or more persons, a gathering, or an association of having brought on or concealed, through mysteriously arranging and planning an activity that is illicit or can be described as an unsafe occasion or circumstance for the whole wide world, we should consider the fact that Airplanes don’t just disappear out of thin air. Especially with advanced tracking systems and state of the art communication devices. Something mysterious must be going on and we are completely unaware of it.

Whatever be the reason CashKaro prays for all the on board passengers of the Air Asia flight 8501 and requests everyone reading this to pray for them as well.

For further reference and sources please click Here.

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