A Review Of HTC ONE M9

Having the best flagship One phones, HTC appears to be resolved to demonstrate what awesomeness is all about. From the time of  launch of the first HTC phone,  there haven’t been any real conformity to the handset’s design. In any case, the recent One isn’t just a repeat of its forerunners, instead it’s got a top notch processor, Android 5.0, and a brand new camera that will brighten up your life.

The new One M9 is an extraordinary demonstration of what HTC’s concept of  quality is all about and the top of the line Smartphones ought to be. Its excellent metal case is presently enjoined by a 20-megapixel back confronting camera, the stereo BoomSound speakers are the ultimate speakers, and the slight knock in battery size is a pretty much good feature. The One M9 may be HTC’s best cell phone yet, regardless of the fact that if  it is the best Smartphone for you or not relies totally upon your needs.


HTC has always  exceeded our expectations of designing the most elegant Smartphones ever, and the One M9 showcases a premium form of quality. The whole mobile is embodied in a double tone metal unibody that catches everyone’s eyes. By chance if you’ve utilized a HTC One M8, the gadget will feel natural to you as the two offer the greater part of the same design outlines.

The HTC One M9 is produced using a comparative metal square to that of the M8 and uses the same shape while utilizing rakish components from the HTC One M7. New elements in the design incorporate a scratch-free covering, elegant buttons and a sapphire glass lens on the back camera. Their sense of design is amazing and this a factor that makes other competitors envious of them for sure. The body is more metal than any time in recent memory, the screen fitted cozily inside, keeping in mind the premium look that it flaunts.

htc display rev


The display is incredible and a bit of disillusioning in one. IT has a resolution of 1920 x 1080 on a 5-inch foot shaped impression that looks splendid, bright and full of colours. On the other hand, the frustrating part comes when you are going to set the colour temperatures. It’s exceptionally cool, with a slight green tint contrasted with its predecessor. HTC hasn’t made a gigantic add up to the screen it appears to be, putting forth  fundamentally the same thing compared to the M8, yet its dedicated to saving a lot of juice.

htc design rev


HTC One M9 no more has the Duo Camera setup comprising of two camera lenses. Rather, HTC has incorporated a 20 MP back camera. This is the most significant technical change contrasted with the M8 and affirms that HTC has abandoned the refocussing component. Also, they have used a trendy and simple to utilize in-built camera application which has different modes for you to capture that perfect selfie. HTC hasn’t totally abandoned the UltraPixel as the front camera on the M9 which is the back camera from the M8. Now isn’t that cool?  The picture quality and the camera quality are awesome and its going to rock your world.



HTC expanded the battery size from the first HTC One to the One M8 and has done as such again with the new HTC One M9. It’s presently 2840 mAh contrasted with 2600 mAh and the battery is still non-removable. There’s no wireless charging, which is a disgrace, however HTC still offers its Extreme saving mode which is a pretty sleek feature.



HTC One M9 is powered by Android 5.0 Lollipop which is the latest update of Android available. The M9 presents Sense 7.0 which implies you get HTC’s customized symbols and applications that are available with several awesome components.



As a leading mobile, the HTC One M9 is relied upon to have an incredible force of execution. Cheerfully, it satisfies that demand and packs a genuine thrust to performance through every task you toss at it. Whether it’s playing games, searching the web or just toggling through different applications, the One M9 handles it like a boss.

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