I looked in to the mirror and saw myself with a huge receding hairline at the age of 27 (yeah, I just revealed my age :P) and wondered what will happen in the next 2-3 years. I would start looking older than I am now, probably even 35 when I’ll be just 29 or 30 for that matter. Then I figured I have an option to look better and younger or a badass instead.

On a Sunday evening when usually people are thinking of going for a movie with their beloved or shopping with their closest friends, I had an altogether different thought in my mind. Well, I left home and went straight to a nearby salon and after spending an hour there, I had a total makeover for me.  Nicely trimmed beard & a clean shaved head; new “HAIRDO” if I give it a name. Yes, it was time to get in the feel of FIFA and become BALD & CRAZY.


Here are a few reasons for you to go bald this summer:

1) It’s Neat.
You do not need any hair oil or shining gels to make your hair look great whenever you are going out. What best you could do is, take a few minutes to shave your head in the morning! Isn’t that just NEAT!?


2) Worried your girl might leave? They hardly care!
It’s just us men that care about baldness. Really women don’t care if you are bald. Many a times you must have seen a beautiful woman walking down the lane with a bald man by their side! I have a feeling they don’t even notice as long as you are being the nicest guy for them. Seems legit. Oh and they surely love calling you baldy and touch your shaved head every now & then. Forget everything, some like to go bald themselves.

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3) Saves you money.
Seriously, I have not paid for a haircut for weeks now. Just shave your head once a week with your favourite trimmer and you are done. Normally, you would cough up nearly Rs 50-500 for a haircut a month. Stay bald and you would surely save thousands if you keep it shining for a longer period. And that’s not the end of it, time to say NO to your expensive shampoos, conditioners, hair sprays for which you have been burying holes in your pockets. Now you can spend more on your favourite Tees or probably new hats that you have been wanting to buy! This is one good reason why being bald is brilliant.

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4) Never have a bad hair day.
Had a bad haircut or you did not find time to wash your hair in the morning – these are all the things that happened in the past. When you go bald, you will never have a bad hair day. Trim your beard a little and just shave it again. That would surely sync your face with your head, I can promise you on that. Tested and verified!


5) Have you been putting on weight? No problem!
People will be so in to your bald that they won’t even notice if you have packed on a couple of pounds. Go ahead and have that burger with an extra cheese slice. You can hit the gym next fall!


6) You are different from the lot.
Being bald makes you look different from everyone else. You stand between gorgeous ladies and they will always be able to pick out the bald, handsome one!


7) Being bald keeps you safe!
Yes, a skinhead will either make you look hard or weak. Either way no is going to punch you in front of your girl in a club because they either think you are hard as nails or they think a slight blow on the head might be the end of you.


8) Get attention, feel confident.
There’s something different about being bald. Everyone at office or in your friends would want to talk to you or just give you some extra attention. If you have recently gone skinhead, they’ll surely compliment you or talk about you whenever. And that is what makes you confident in whatever you do, be it work or late night clubbing or just hanging out with your friends in the local market. Surely, it will grab attention of a few girlies when you walk past them.


I am personally liking my new look and so does everyone around me. Well, some just pretend to like it. Anyway, it makes me happy and of course different from the others for sure. Mission accomplished. So, don’t worry, be baldy. Be proud. BE YOU!

Author: Nitin Bansal

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