7 Things a South Indian Experiences in North India

North India is a wonderful place to be, unless you are a South Indian and have a hard time understanding Hindi. Everything seems to be different in North India – the people, the places, the language and the food. It takes time to get used to things, but the experience one has while trying to fit in, is worth everything!

Here are 7 common things every South Indian experiences in North India.

1. The Complexion Complex

God damn! Am I in a foreign land or what!!

South Indian Trouble

2. The Strange Food Menu

Aloo, Roti, Paneer…. Aloo, Paneer, Roti ….. Aloo, Roti….wait!! Can I get something different?

3. The language trouble

Hindi Hindi Everywhere…..

4. Using Spoons and Forks for your meal

Because you’ll look like a Barbarian if you use your hands

5. Nervous to start a conversation

When all you know is “Kaise ho aap?” And nothing at all after that!!

6. Switching between Hindi Channels all day

Aaj Tak, Zee Music, Colors, Sony Max………*sigh* let me look for Cartoon Network at least!

7. Nodding to everything a stranger says

Because you understand ABSOLUTELY nothing!

Though you might have some unpleasant experiences, there are a lot of things that can interest you in North India. The yummy street foodfriendly people and crazy celebrations will catch up to you in no time. You learn something new every day and get one step closer to being a North Indian yourself – which is all that matters!

Author: Roger Geoffrey

Roger Geoffrey is a Content Writer at CashKaro. An adventure seeker and travel enthusiast, he is up for anything that can give an adrenaline rush. Happy faces make him happy and he loves to make new friends everyday.

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