7 Must-haves for your summer handbag!

Some people believe that the difference between a good day and a bad day is up to us.

For a woman, I think it’s up to her hand bag.

Because behind an all-time decent looking woman in summers is a handbag equipped with products to help her survive unpredictable moments. Stock your hand bag with the essentials listed below and always be ready to tackle any unpleasant situation. Here are seven must-haves for your summer handbag:

Summer Handbag Must Haves

1)      Compact: You go through an elaborate process of putting makeup for a party and after checking your face after a few hours, your joy dissipates like a morning mist. It’s because your skin is all oily and sweaty. It doesn’t take long for makeup to evaporate in this scorching heat. To ensure your makeup stays in place, keep compact for touch-ups.

2)      Oil blotting sheets: Because make-up re-touchup with just compact is not only unhygienic but also ineffective. Oil-blotting paper will help you soak up oil and sweat from your face without disturbing the makeup. Use them first and then apply power on top. They are also great to be used alone! You can purchase them from India’s leading online beauty store, Nykaa for affordable prices using Nykaa discount coupons available on CashKaro.com.

3)      Wet facial wipes: Sometimes, your face gets so sweltering hot and dirty that you just want to wipe off the dust and feel fresh. This is when wet facial wipes come handy. They help you get a refreshing feel in the midst of burning heat.

4)      Sunglasses: Sunglasses aren’t just a thing of fashion anymore. Besides helping you make a style statement, they also protect your vision from the harsh ultra violet rays. Even after using all the needed beauty products, you don’t want to fall prey to the scorching heat by suffering from under eyes wrinkles. Choose polarized lenses for maximum protection. Available in a vast variety of styles to suit your face shape and taste, get ready to increase your style meter. Read celebrity hacks for sunglasses to get you through summer HERE.

5)      Sunscreen lotion: While in winters you can afford to miss sunscreen a few times, try skipping it in summers and see yourself being called as “Miss/Mr. Hawaiian”. Application as well as re-application of sunscreen is necessary to escape the adverse effects of sun. Use water or gel based sunscreen as it is light in texture and won’t make your skin feel heavy. Visit CashKaro.com and get great deals on sunscreens from online shopping sites.

6)      Mini Perfume/Deo: Perspiration is a common problem in summers. The last thing you want is people running away from you because of odor problems. Overcome it by keeping a mini sized perfume or deodorant in your handbag and save yourself from landing in any embarrassing situation.

7)      Water bottle: Sweltering summers also bring along dehydration. Keep yourself hydrated by carrying along a water bottle with you. With so many stylish options available, they don’t have to be a boring accessory anymore.

What are your summer handbag must-haves? Share in the comments section!

Author: Heena

While some people love to collect coins and marbles, Heena loves to collect all things girly and cute! She is a content writer at CashKaro and often likes to lose herself in good books. Besides that, she’s a glutton and likes to visit new food outlets as and when she can.

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