5 Nail Art Designs You Can Do Sitting in Front of Your TV!

Like seriously! We all know how amazing those nail art designs look we see on Instagram accounts and Tumblr. Even the step by step instructions listed are made to sound easy. But the moment we gather courage and try to attempt one, the result is somewhat like this:

nail art funny9870

Raise your hand if you too feel so! After a lot of failed attempts at trying intricate and complex nail art designs labeled as “easy” for people with clumsy fingers like me, I decided to take hold of this grave matter and did a research on beautiful and minimalistic nail art designs which are actually easy to do with some patience. Of course, they involve some tips and tricks. Just utilize the time run in advertisements during your favourite shows for application and watch your show with full concentration by letting your design dry down completely during that period. Let’s dive more into it:

1)    Gradient nail art

Gradient nails (2)-compressed


-         I struggled a bit when I tried it for the first time but on the second attempt, I was pretty much rocking it! There’s no high cost equipment required here. Get a bathroom sponge and cut it in a flat shape so that when you press it on nails, it covers your nails comfortably. Along with it, you will need two colors which complement each other. After painting your nails in the lightest shade, mix the two colors together lightly using a toothpick. Then, dab the sponge on your nails moving it up and down gradually. Dry the layer completely and secure it with a top coat. And, done! The one thing you have to take care of is that you need to let each layer dry when dabbing sponge on your nails so as to not smudge them. You can also follow the below picture tutorial.

Graident nails (1)

2)    Newspaper nail art


-         Having the latest information at your fingertips just got easy! If you are just beginning with nail art and are surrounded by confusing nail art designs, say hello to Newspaper nail art. You will need rubbing alcohol, white nail color (or any other light shade) and a top coat. Paint your nails and after drying them, dip them in a small jar containing rubbing alcohol for about 5-7 seconds. Keep newspaper cut into small pieces for each nail beforehand only. Now it’s time to press them on your fingernails firmly. Peel them off cautiously and you will be left with trendy yet informative nails! Here’s the step by step tutorial:


3)    Polka Dot nail art

Polka dots ompressed9088

-         Polka dot is one style which is always considered as a staple for casual attire. So why leave this breezy trend when it comes to nails? Your only equipment here is a bobby pin for creating the polka dots. Yes! You read it right. Grab two nail polishes and a bobby pin. After letting the nail color dry fully, use a bobby pin to create your favourite polka dot pattern. After dotting, let your nails dry completely for 10 minutes and finish off with a top coat!

Polka Dots879

4)    Stripes nail art

striping nail art (wq

-         Stripes are one of the hottest trends this season! You can sport stripes on nails through a plethora of ways. The easiest among them is by using nail art striping tapes. In case you are wondering where to buy them from, they are available on eBay India for an affordable price and by using these eBay coupons; you can avail them at an even lesser price. You can achieve countless looks with nail art striping tapes. So unleash your creativity and get started!

striping nail art (2)

5)    Floral nail art

floral nail art (2)-compressed

-         Florals are all the rage this season and many women find this trend tricky to pull off for the fear of looking like just their grandma! Here’s the easiest way to make an instant style statement in floral. No! I am not going to tell you to embark on a painful journey using needle pens in different sizes to draw flowers. Just get some flower nail art stickers at decent prices by availing these Amazon coupons and let your fingers bloom! Apply nail polish on your finger and let it dry completely. Take one nail sticker. Do not peel it off yet. Place it and check if the position is ok. If it is, peel it off and pat it down on your nail gently. You can cut the excess using scissors. Do not forget to use a top coat for a prolonged effect.

floral nail art stickers

It’s time to flaunt your nails and set hearts aflutter now!

Author: Heena

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