26 Year Old Boy On A Diet Plans to Bring Down Website For Providing Extreme Restaurant Discounts

Gurgaon: Rishav Chowdhury, a 26 year old boy with a 42 inch waist was dieting for a few months before he could pursue his MBA from New York. However, all his plans were destroyed when he discovered that CashKaro.com is offering the best discount coupons and amazing offers on restaurants.

“I couldn’t stop eating because of the latest Foodpanda offers showcased at CashKaro” claimed  Rishav Chowdhury, after  gaining 15 pounds.

Chowdhury had chosen to go on an eating routine to get more fit after he neglected to discover the latest HealthKart discount coupons. While searching for discounts on fat loss supplements, he came across the latest Foodpanda discount coupons on several restaurants and therefore scratched off his arrangements of abstaining from food.

Visiting almost all the restaurants in the city several times, he is now planning to sue CashKaro for destroying his diet routine.

“I was determined and ought to have been dropping fat off my gut, but I ended up dropping kebabs in my tummy because of CashKaro ,” he lamented.

eating a lot

Rishav is presently acquiring facts to sue CashKaro as he thinks that this was a conspiracy against him. He said “ I was ready for my regular fitness routine when I suddenly received an email from them consisting of the latest foodpanda offers and I got completely carried away! They just don’t want me to lose my fat! He added.

CashKaro fans have, however supported CashKaro and said that “their discounts are awesome and we love them”, but Chowdhury is convinced that it was CashKaro’s fault for his ever increasing belly and plans to immediately sue CashKaro.

Justifying his decision he said that “ I was planning to lose weight before I could travel to New York, but now my dreams are completely shattered and I can’t keep myself from visiting CashKaro.com to check out the latest restaurant deals showcased there. He also claimed that “he has saved a hell lot of money with their discount coupons, but he doesn’t care because he can’t stop his tummy from growing.

So, if you are a CashKaro fan grab the latest deals on restaurants showcased on our website by clicking here to show your active support. Also, comments are a must as a sign protest against Mr. Chowdhury’s decision to keep us from providing you awesome discounts and extra Cashback .

Author: Mishuk Das

Say hello to this crazy bong from the city of joy, Kolkata. Well, he can be spotted frequently in Vrindavan chanting Hare Krishna with Foreigners. Recently Mishuk landed in Jatland Gurgaon and loves to write content with zeal and passion. Stay tuned to this Pink Floyd lover for funny and crazy posts. Follow him on - , Facebook, Twitter

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  1. Hilarious but really creative :D

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  3. Looks like Rishav isn’t the only one gaining pounds. I spot some yummy offers myself ;)

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  4. LOL! This is so Funny. I sure won’t forget to use CashKaro now. :D

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  5. who is rishav? i want to meet him LOL (not)!

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  6. I will sue you guys. That was a big conspiracy.

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