21 Awesome Cartoons From The Innovative Virtuoso R.K. Lakshman

Running from Padma Vibhushan to the Ramon Magsaysay Award, Laxman’s glory, wit and diversion will live on through his incalculable toons and accumulations. He was a political cartoonist and started his career with the free press journal. Individuals constantly joined with his Magnum Opus known as the“Common Man” and his work spoke out to the bewilderment of poor people, differentiating it with the defilement of the decision classes. His work will continually bring a grin or draw a chuckle and make you understand the inauspicious incongruity and constant nature of the world we live in.

So here are 21 cartoons of this innovative virtuoso. Might the message of his devotion, point of view and humor live through many generations:

“To a child, reality seems much more fabulous than fantasy.”


“India can survive without water, food, light, air, shelter”


“The cartoon contains observation, sense of humour, sense of the ridiculous and contradiction – life!”

“Searching for new ideas is an endless process.”


“Only when we grow older do we learn to be kind and realize that selfishness is bad. But even then not all of us learn these things. Otherwise, why would there be fights and wars?”

grow up

“Nothing like India for cartooning and drawing!”


“My sketch pen is not a sword, it’s my friend.”

pen fiend

“My common man is omnipresent. He’s been silent all these 50 years. He simply listens.”

common man

“Laloo Prasad Yadav, who ought to be inside jail, is actually outside. And Jayalalitha is growing so large that I do not know which jail can accommodate her!”

jaylalita cartoon

“It is impossible to say how to become a cartoonist; you have to be born with the gift, just as you cannot tell someone how to sing.”


“I think everybody enjoys it when our mighty politicians are exposed in a comical and often ludicrous light.”


“I think anarchy would have suited us better.”


“I have not forgotten that you can see the world through pieces of colored glass.”

colored glass

“I am grateful to our politicians. They have not taken care of the country, but me.”


“Generally, people take everything for granted. They hardly see anything around them.”


“Frankly, our politics is so sad that if I had not been a cartoonist, I would have committed suicide.”


“Every single tree spelt adventure. I would scramble right to their top and watch the world from the heights.”

cartoon (2)

“Every one of my drawings is my favorite.”


“Britishers who came to India missed Indian humor since they couldn’t understand our sense of domestic humor. They thought Indians have no sense of humor!”


“Cartooning is the art of insult and ridicule.”

“Change? Does the colour of the sky change ever? My symbol will never change.”

relief fund

Author: Mishuk Das

Say hello to this crazy bong from the city of joy, Kolkata. Well, he can be spotted frequently in Vrindavan chanting Hare Krishna with Foreigners. Recently Mishuk landed in Jatland Gurgaon and loves to write content with zeal and passion. Stay tuned to this Pink Floyd lover for funny and crazy posts. Follow him on - , Facebook, Twitter

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  1. He changed the definition of a common man. Great way to give tribute to the legend Mishuk. Thanks for this awesome post.

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    feels awesome to have seen the best of his cartoons here! Good job team CashKaro

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  3. I think at lease 2 of these cartoons are nit by RK Lashman but by Satish Acharya

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