10 Things which makes you an INDIAN

How do you identify an American? The accent, the Ford Mustang or maybe the love for Baseball, BBQ and Burger King! Ha!

Well, don’t worry! We Indians too have certain but altogether ‘hatke’ set of traits, which makes it easier for the rest of the world (and for us too..) to bang-on identify the Indian amongst a pack of strangers. With a whole lot of personal experiences and enough examples from around us, we at CashKaro.com seem to have an all-inclusive list of traits and things we do, which makes us all what we are, Indians!

                                                                             1. Every Indian has a ‘Jugaad’DEEWARTROLL1

So, when Vijay (Amitabh Bachchan) asked Ravi (Shashi Kapoor) that famous dialogue from the movie Deewar, Ravi forgot to mention this one thing, every Indian sure does has. The perfect answer to Vijay’s question should have been, ‘Mere paas Maa bhi hai aur Jugaad bhi’.

‘Jugaad’, which literally translates as ‘an innovative fix’ in english, is what every Indian sure does has. From obtaining a seat for B.Com (Hons.) to a seat in the ministry, we Indians have a ‘jugaad’ to anything and everything. The right contacts will get you to places, you have always wanted to be. Damn! We <3 JUGAAD.

                                                                             2. Hungry Kya? Maggi bana maggi

We Indians love Maggi! No wonder that no other foreign brand has been as successful as Maggi, in India. Originally developed and produced in Switzerland by Julius Maggi for the worker families there, Maggi or the instant noodles turned out to be an instant hit amongst us Indians. Maggi is India’s favourite anytime food, which never really makes you wait at all!

Not to forget that Maggi also happens to be the most experimented-with dish in India. In India, you can have your Maggi with almost anything. Butter, cheese and eggs are just a few mixes. And if you had ordered Dominos last night, well there is another great mix to spice up your Maggi. Come on now Indians! Admit that we use the leftover Oregano and Chilli flakes to make our Maggi, a yummier affair.

                                                                              3. ‘Free Ka Maal’Free-Stuff

We Indians and our love for all the ‘Free ka Maal’ needs no explanation. I recall mummy asking for free ‘mirchi’ and ‘dhaniya patta’ every time she bought vegetables or ‘paneer’. And by the time we were home, we had enough free stuff for a whole dish.

This one trait comes in as a hereditary gift in all of us, where we expect or rather grab anything that comes for free. From ‘free ki party’ to ‘free ke tickets’, our heads turn to the direction, where ‘free’ is mentioned!

4. ‘Miss Call ek nishani hai, Kyunki Hum bhi Hindustani hai

We are pretty sure that you have at least had one of those calls, which are deliberately cut even before it actually rings. Yes! We are talking about the Miss Calls. Usually done when one is out of balance, Miss Call is actually becoming a signature trend followed extensively by us Indians.

Reports will soon claim that, ‘if it’s a Miss Call, It’s from India’! When you have no balance to call, to alert or signal something, to annoy or to simply make others call, a Miss call comes in handy on almost every occasion. For all those of you, who love ‘miss calling’,  look what Reliance Communications has in store for you! ‘Ab toh call kar hi sakte ho..’

Video Source: Advt. – Reliance Communications Ltd.

                                                                              5. Indian Standard Timeindian-time-clock

For whoever thought that Indian Standard Time refers to the GMT+5.5 hours thing, you are mistaken. According to us Indians, the Indian Standard Time runs approximately 30 minutes behind the actual time. Ironically, the whole of India unanimously follow this principle. From busses to trains, airplanes and even boyfriends on dates, we all run a lil late.

                                                                              6. Queue? Kyu?QUEUE

Believe me! There is no such word as queue, in existence for us Indians. Be it at ticket counters, metro gates or at the bank, you will find everything except for a queue. In fact, if a smart desi Indian is to be believed, the queue starts, from where he stands (courtesy: Amitabh  Bachchan’s dialogue ‘Line wahin se shuru hoti hai, jahan pe hum khade hote hain’)!

                                                                              7. We are the ChampionsTOOTHPASTE

Do you squeeze out the last bit of toothpaste from the tube or the last drops of the shampoo? You are an Indian! We Indians take the concept of judicious use of resources a bit too seriously and hence is explained the habit of squeezing out every bit of toothpaste from the tube.

The last drop of shampoo, hands wash mixed with water, squeezing the tea bags and reusing the Pepsi plastic bottles to fill water, all come under the same category of things we and only us Indians do.

                                                                             8. We <3 uTorrent

Technology would never have been praised as it is, if it weren’t for uTorrent! Rather than going out to a theatre for a movie, an enormous number of us Indians prefer to download via uTorrent and enjoy the movie at the comforts of one’s own home. After all, isn’t it very convenient, as you will never miss home, can make your own popcorn or maggi, experiment with different positions to watch a movie etc. etc. Oh yeah! And it saves money. What more would an Indian want?

                                                                              9. Party toh banti hai!party toh banti hai

Be it a boring job you just got, a second hand bike you got from your uncle, a exam in which you failed or a break-up you just had, everyone needs a party, more commonly known as ‘a treat’ for anything and everything. Yes! As mentioned above, we Indians love ‘Free ka Maal’ and we don’t really care if it comes out from our best friend’s pockets hence, ‘Party toh banti hai’!

                                                                             10. Discount nahi liya, Toh kya liya?

Did anyone say discount? Though, a discount is something the whole of the humanity is after, we Indians still have a better connection with it. Known to bargain like pros, we Indians are never satisfied with shopping until we get some discounts. Indians with their bargaining skills are never offered any discounts, but they take it.

It is widely considered a shame by many, if one does not get any discounts on shopping!

And if discounts weren’t enough, Indians are after Cashback now! From recharges to online shopping, we are just always eager to get some Cashback.

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Author: Reuben Varghese

He be the stupid yet dexterous Content writer, with a great sense of humor in anything and everything. A hard core foody by heart, he knows nothing beyond chilling (also read as lazing) around, playing pranks, being funny, being cheesy and photography. He dreams high and the International Space Station is the limit for him. Follow me on - , Facebook, Twitter Love.Light.Peace.Amen.

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