10 Facts to show that College is over and Office has begun

1. Now you get up in the morning every day and sleep in the night, after all its not college anymore where your day starts at midnight.


2. There are no more teachers who you can flatter to make up for short attendance; you now have Bosses who give you a fixed number of paid leaves.


3. Is it your friend’s birthday? A last minute trip plan to Jaipur? Oops! Sorry! You can’t go because dude its OFFICE, and not College.


4. Gone are those days where parents used to give you pocket money on 1st of every month taking nothing in return, now sweat yourself hard for 9 hours each day and get your SALARY at month’s end.


5. Last benches don’t exist anymore. What you do in office is an open book.


6. The fun part is there are no more Exams, no more “yaar! Bas pass ho jaun”, no more happiest moments when you get 30/75 which is the passing marks. But, weren’t those Exams so much better than this?


7. The people you spent day and night of last 3 years of your life with are all gone miles away, because Good Morning people! The College is over.


8. You now sit at your desk, at same place for the whole day and WORK. That huge college campus where you used to wander like some nomad is not a part of your life anymore.


9. And the saddest part is there are NO MORE MASS BUNKS.


10. Do you stay away from home? Missing mom? Want to pack up your bag right now and visit home for 3 days? Not happening dude! Because the College is over, and Office has begun.


Author: Mehak Khurana

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  1. Nicely done guys.. agree :)

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  2. I can relate to every point written here! Nicely done!

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