10 Amazing Back to School Teacher’s Day Gift Ideas!

It’s that wonderful time of year when celebrations are held to appreciate as well as honour teachers for their contributions and for their ability to make a special mark in the lives of their students. However, the concept of “teacher’s day” doesn’t have to be limited to school or just college teachers. In fact, anyone who has helped you shape your mind and broaden your horizons deserves being called nothing less than a teacher. Be it that character in your favourite animated movie who taught you that anything other than being original is just a waste of life or that person you met on a trip who lent you a new perspective on life.

If you are one of those who appreciate the beauty of handmade gifts more and think that it’s one of the perfect ways to thank your teacher on this occasion, here is a list of 10 ideas which you should love making:

1) Toe-tally Awesome Teacher Gift

- This is one of the easiest DIY gifts you can make in appreciation of your teacher. And if she’s a beauty junkie, it’s all the more better because she is toe-tally going to fall in love with it. All you need is a manicure set or 3-4 nail enamels in different shades. Put them together in a cellophane bag and attach a tag along with this saying. You can get the tag printed or get it written from your kid. Don’t forget to put a ribbon to add the look of sophistication to it!

1 toe tally gift-compressed

2) You’re a Berry Sweet Teacher

-  Which teacher wouldn’t like to be treated to a heavenly strawberry treat on her/his special day! This brilliant sweet teacher appreciation gift idea is from Mariah at Giggles Galore. Whip up a scrumptious strawberry shortcake layered with fresh whipped cream and juicy strawberries. You can read a lot of recipes online to prepare it or just get a readymade one by using Foodpanda coupons which will also fetch you enticing discounts and cashback! Put it in a jar, secure it with a lace sticker and add the “Berry sweet” tag to it.

2 berrysweetgift-compressed

3) You’re one Sharp Teacher

- This DIY teacher’s day gift idea is incredibly easy and amazing! You need a mason jar, pack of sharpies and some beautiful decorative to prettify your gift. You can buy a coloured mason jar or paint it. Once it dries, add the printable tag to it or just write it in your handwriting. Put sharpies in it and you are done! This jar will also double up as a holder!

3 Back-to3-School-Mason-Jar-Craft-Teacher-Gift-compressed

4) Thanks for being an “Uh-Mason” Teacher!

- Tell your teachers how “Uh-Mason” they are with this adorable gift! All you have to do is put in coloured candies in the transparent mason jar and paste your beautiful greeting on it. Super simple, right?

4 mason teach gift-compressed

5) Personalized calculator

-  A numerical gift for your math teacher! This is a practical and personalized gift which hardly requires any efforts on your side. You can go through the entire instructions mentioned on “Positively splendid” or if you don’t have even that much time, just do this: Put your calculator in a cellophane bag, add bow to it and finish off with the beautiful message!

5 calcigift-compressediu

6) You are a “mark” above the rest

- Your teachers are sure to love this useful gift. Get some dry erase markers and get the tag printed to attach to the pack to lend it a personal touch. This is one easy and useful gift!

6 mark teachergift-compreyyy

7)  Thanks for “Quenching” my thirst for knowledge

-  If you have been thinking of making a creative gift, here’s where you put your thinking to stop. Just look at the picture! Doesn’t it screams cuteness? The flags totally steal the attention! Hop on to “Lisastorms” to know how to make it in some simple steps.

7 thirst teach gift-compres97-

8) Pencil Bouquet

- Ditch the flowers bouquet and go for this pencils bouquet which will be perfect for your art teacher! “Lesscakemorefrosting” shows how to make this bouquet without you having to spend an eternity! Feel free to replace the type of pencils in here.


9) You’re the “Glue” that keeps us together

- One of the many reasons why a chaos happens during a crafts class or during decorations period is the absence of glue. Make this simple gift and rescue your teacher’s time. A total of 14 glues have been used here to make the circular tower. Take 7 glues at one time in a circle and hold them using a packing glue. Repeat this again with another set of 7 glues and finally, mount them on one another. Tape them together, add a ribbon, put the tag and done!

9 glue teach gift-compr98

10) Thank You for helping me “bloom”

-  Don’t these DIY flower pencils look super cute? And before you start thinking of making them as a mind boggling task, head to “skiptomylou” where you will find out that you do not need to wreck your mind to create them.

10 diy t gift-compressed-hhkh

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Gifting doesn’t always have to be an expensive affair!



Author: Heena

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